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Menopause can be a terrible experience for a woman without intolerance from the love ones, colleges at work and especially doctors. If we add these factors, menopause can be a living hell for a woman, both physically and mentally.

Instead of giving support and necessary information on how to deal with the menopause symptoms, doctors usually dismiss women with “there’s nothing wrong with you” sayings.

Those who recognize menopausal symptoms find it easier to prescribe a hormone replacement therapy than provide additional information on natural alternatives and ways to deal with these devastating symptoms. From a survey conduct, we learn that only 27 % of questioned women said their GP offered any alternative to HRT.

Most often, women have to deal with rumors and misconceptions.
Although 80% of women reported hormone-replacement therapy reduced symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats, more and more women are increasingly refusing and abandoning HRT because of the fear of health damage. The biggest concerns are the risk of breast cancer, heart disease and weight gain.

This is why many women turn to natural alternatives like evening primrose oil, soya foods and supplements, black cohosh and red clover.
However, those women who underwent HRT said they weren’t offered an alternative.

One thing is certain: GPs and other health professionals definitely need more training on HRT alternatives and women’s issues.


I did not find the information above so useful (though its well-meaning) as this is already in the domain of common public knowledge, atleast as far as i am concerned. I would find more useful if members shared their personal coping mechanisms. Thanks.