so this is my first time on birth control (ortho tricyclen lo) and i just had the weirdest discharge. i am actually still on week three of my active pills (dark blue ones) and tonight is my last active pill before the placebos. i started my period yesterday (two days early??? from placebos), which was more like some breakthrough bleeding and/or a REALLY light period. i have had some very SEVERE cramping for the past week or so, and today especially. this is the gross part sorrrrrrryy.... but when i went to the bathroom this afternoon i noticed this one to one 1/2 inch piece of tissue, NOT A BLOOD CLOT. it was pink and triangular shaped (almost like actually uterine lining) and looked like pink/gray skin with a few dark red/blood spots. i know that there is NOOOO possible way that i am pregnant. im just worried because this is the first time ive ever been on birth control, and i have NEVER problems like this when i was not on BC. any idea of what it could be? im calling the doctor in the morning, but just want some piece of mind tonight....haha.

also any comments on OTC Lo??? i know this is my first pack, but i absolutely HATE IT. before i had really clear skin, and now i feel like im going through puberty again, my skin is horrible (isnt this supposed to help!??!?!?!?!), horrible cramping, headaches, and breaking out in hives..... (which may be from my laundry detergant.... but ive been using the same brand for YEARS).

any help would be great!!! thanks