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i am a 17 yr old female, i havent been sexually active for six months now. my period is very unpredictable, it comes either the first week of the moth or the last. its jan 2/09 .. on new years day(morning) i woke up for a pee, i noticed a pinkish discharge, i figured it was my period coming, stuck a tampon in and continued with my day, a couple hours later i went pee again, and nothing was on the tampon.

this morning however, i started having cramps, and when i went to pee i noticed dark brown almost blackish discharge, my nose is a bit stuffed but im pretty sure it has no scent.. I have lower back pain aswell.. but ive had that since i woke up on new years day.

would it be cause my drinking/smoking or doing drugs??



you're not alone. this happens to many women. it is not uncommon and the dark brown clumpy blood is from the previous period and is just the lining of your uterus being shed. this happens mainly mid-cycle but like your period can be unpredictable. the cramps in your abdominal area and lower back are caused by the contractions in your uterus as the lining is being shed. the light pink discharge you had at the beginning is just your body's way of notifying you that your about to shed your uterine lining. this same cycle happens to me when i am getting my period and when my period is just about over. it will go away after the first day or two of the shedding then the normal blood shed will start and the cramps should subside. to help calm the cramping take some motrin, pamprin, or midol. also use a hot compress on your stomach and lower back. you can buy heating pads at a drug store or wal mart. don't stress or worry hun, you're perfectly fine and what your body is going through is perfectly entirely normal. you're just a teenager and your hormones are changing and you'll probably have some irregularity for a while. just don't stress, that's the leading cause of irregular cycles.