I have had mood disorders for more that 20 years and have been on seraquil, prozac, I can't even remember all the things I have been prescribed in that amount of time. But I have been on Lexapro and felt some relief, then a year ago, my psych. put me on Lamactil with the Lexapro and within a month I realized my crying spells weren't happening and I wasn't as easily rattled. I hated these ups and downs, the anxiety was overpowering. What I'm getting at is, after all this time, something has finally had a substantial effect on my mental illness and I feel like I wish I could tell the person/persons who developed it THANKS because I've been trying everything that came along and I literally feel so much relief that it makes me choke up. I really want to tell everyone how big a difference it has made in my life. Now, I still have my issues, but, a marked diff. -- I'll take that! :-D IS there weightloss involved? Also, I forgot to take it for about 4 days and had terrible anxiety that was NOT the norm for me was this withdrawl? And how much of my relief could be a result of the Lexapro with Lamactil? Cuz just lexapro wasn't a blip on the radar screen really. What do you think?