I was misdiagnosed with bipolar II 4 years ago. I literally filled out a 15 question or so survey in a Psychiatrists office, and he immediately diagnosed me with Bipolar. The thing was, he didn't take my alcohol and marijuana use into consideration (which tend to cause mood swings, depression, highs/lowd, impulsive behavior and risky behavior..) even though I was upfront about the use. He immediately prescribed me 300mg of Lithium 2x a day on top of the Lexapro I was on and he also added Klonopin. I went along because I figured he knew what he was talking about. Everytime I followed up and had any kind of anxiety or stress, they would up the meds. It got to the point where Klonopin stopped working so I was advanced to Valium, Lithium was up to 1600 mg/Day and I had persistent mood swings with the additional Lexapro. Oh not to mention being also put on Abilify- which made my feet swell like a pregnant womans, caused lip smacking and constant knee shaking/jerking...as well as my hands extremely shaky.. and of course the EVIL SEROQUEL that was prescribed at 100mg. All these high doses threw me into severe depression and anxiety. I kept having panic attacks which caused me to walk out on jobs- leaving me unemployed. Constant crying, suicidal thoughts, over sleeping (all day), NO energy...WORSE THAN I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN A NUTSHELL... I was barely functional- basically a zoned out robot. Fearful of work, people, commitment of any sort... could barely drive without panic attacks. Gained 100lbs. My self esteem was destroyed during that time. I finally got the nerve to politely ask to be weaned off the medications due to wanting to get my life back (my boyfriends mom was in with me)- the Psych NP immediately became defensive and declared I had to goto an inpatient facility (it was like she knew she screwed up!) With the support of loved ones, I got into a 4 week outpatient psych program. They reviewed my history and symptoms...and weaned me off of Lithium. I connected with others, and learned what I needed all along....HEALTHY COPING SKILLS and MINDFULNESS. After being undrugged and lucid, I was told kindly by concerned friends and family that I was like a zombie. It was like I lacked brain activity and it was very concerning. I was so drugged I was clueless to this.  I've been finished with the 4wk outpatient psych program for 7 months now. I'm off of Lexapro, Lithium, Valium and Seroquel. I lost 58 lbs and counting coming off the Lithium, Valium and Abilify.  One of the major reasons I wanted off of Seroquel was Tachycardia/chest pain. I'm 34- not necessary. 2 ER visits for Tachycardia/chest pain and 1 stress test/4 Echocardiograms later I was found to be healthy. After the ER visits ruled I did not have a heart attack or abnormal rhythm, I recognized that the Tachycardia and chest pain occurred 20 min following my dose of Seroquel. At that point I was determined to ger off of it. I'm currently on day 4 of Seroquel withdrawal. INSOMNIA,Nausea, headaches, no period (thanks Seroquel for messing with my endocrine system), 4lb weight loss already. I was on 100mg originally, then cut myself down to 75mg, then 50mg, 25mg, then off over a 3 week course. I used 2 bowl packs of Cannabis (helped with the quick agitation since Seroquel has such a short half life and nausea) and 1 Dramamine each day for 2 days, now just the Dramamine as I need it. Caffeinated Ibprophen also was huge. I've accepted the fact that I probably will only get 2-4 hours of sleep a day (which blows because I love napping), but in the end it'll be worth it. I tried Melatonin, Benadryl and even Tylenol MPs with NO luck. I am currently on 40mg Prozac only.  I have ZERO anxiety and depression- which is amazing. I'm using meditation, visualization, light excersize, thought steering (regaining thought control when emotions attempt to go in the other direction), positive self talk (sounds wanky but it works for me) herbal teas (chamomile and lavender, Raspberry Zinger), music and occasional massage therapy. The holistic approach has helped immensely. I use the coping skills I learned at the prior program everyday...mastering them little by little. I feel amazing. I have also given up Alcohol and plan to stop smoking cannabis when I get past this major nausea hump. I think I'm almost there. My thoughts from this telling experience: Take care of yourself. Listen to your body- especially when it tenses, you have pain of any kind or when you just need to mentally check our from society for 24 hrs. Recognize this fun fact- 70% of our Serotonin is in Our digestive system. I ended up with gastritis, reflux and diarrhea. Get it treated, take probiotics- they take time, but they have significantly helped me. Our world is madness, sometimes it's necessary. Learn coping mechanisms-Slow breathing, positive self talk, meditation, music, art... Whatever it takes. Research the hell out of what is being prescribed. Less can be more, and some meds are completely not worth the side effects/risks. Educate yourself- don't count of the practitioners to do so...they are absolutely terrible at it- they see too many patients and become disconnected- I don't think most would prescribe half of what has been prescribed for us to their own family or children. I've seen numerous Psychiatrists, Psychologists, NPs etc. We all know it's hard to find someone we feel comfortable with- but don't just stay with them for that reason. Studies have been done that show some therapists and forms of therapy can be toxic- especially if it's the incorrect treatment or diagnosis. Now I'm not saying taking prescription psych meds are wrong. I'm just saying that less is more, at least in my scenario. Too much can lead you to dangerous psychological places- sometimes worse than before.  Seek therapy, forgive yourself and be real with yourself. But most of all, look out for yourself. I was reminded with my experience that you have to be careful who you trust- even practitioners...they are human too, and  DON'T know it all.