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I have been on antidepressants my whole life, but I switched to Cipralex about a year and a half ago, and have gained about 40-50lbs.

I went off about a month ago and have not noticed a difference yet, although I am not actively trying (eating healthy and will be joining Curves).

I want to know about your experiences with getting off of antidepressants. How long did it take you to lose "x" amount of weight? Did you go all-out and exercise? Please help. I feel so depressed (not because of the antidepressants, I feel GREAT, just upset about weight gain.)


The weight gain may have been medicinally induced, but you will have to get rid of the weight the old-fashioned way. I think that it's best for you not to go all out and try to lose the weight as quickly as possible, but rather to get geared up and ramp up to an exercise program. I think Curves is a good option for you because there's a great support network there. Keep us posted on how your weight loss goes!