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Hey, why do people gain weight when they are diabetic?  I wonder, do they get rid of the diabetes if they lose the weight?  I have to lose 94 pounds to get to 130 so I think if I do that, won't my diabetes go away?  Thank you for any help!


Hello, Guest.  I see that you want to lose some weight to get down to a reasonable weight.  I would like to clear up some of your misconceptions about diabetes and its management.  Most generally, people don't gain weight because they are diabetic.  They usually will already be overweight when becoming diabetic because being heavy encourages insulin resistance in some people.  Genetics plays a part in this and if a person has immediate family with diabetes, the more likely he/she will develop the disease.  So you can be proactive and maintain a healthy weight, exercise, and watch what you eat.  If you become diabetic through years of eating wrong, living a sedentary lifestyle, and other factors, you cannot cure it.  Even going back to a healthy weight and having normal blood sugars does not mean you don't have it anymore.  You are, at that point, managing it.  That is a good thing, of course.  Eventually, it will still come back when you get older.  It is an unfortunate thing.  Hopefully in the future, science will find a way that we can reverse the disease, but in the meantime, all we can do is manage the blood glucose levels.  It is great that you are working to lose weight and control your blood sugars.  You will stave off many problems in your health by doing so.

Are there people out there who would like to share their stories about how they had diabetes and uncontrolled blood sugars and was able to lose the weight and manage their blood sugars successfully?