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ok so my last period was on nov 18 2010 and it lasted til nov 20 2010. (yes my periods are usually that short). anyways i got on depo provera nov 24th 2010 and was wondering if there was a time frame you are suppose to take the shot and did i make it on time? also i did not kno u had to wait to have unprotected intercourse! my doc never said anything to me about the shot and i had unprotected intercourse 4 hours after getting the shot. then 3 days later had it again and also on dec 1st. ( i just found out a bit ago that you have to wait). :$ Any advise on what i should do? :-(


I wouldn't worry too much. I would also call your doctor and talk to them about your concern, and ask why you weren't given the proper information. As for sex 4 hours before? I would say you're still protected, had it been DAYS instead of hours I would worry then, but not now. It sounds like it is a bit of a messy time schedule from what you described, but I wouldn't find it anything to truly get worried over. THe best thing to do is ait and see what happens in the next month, and talk to your doctor.

Best of luck!