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Hi, so here's the thing. I had unprotected sex on March 28, and 29. He pulled out both times but I read that it doesn't matter if he pulls out because of pre cum and sperm drips off of the penis during the act too. I didn't know that until after the fact. I haven't been feeling well; fatigue, nauseous, very hungry, sore breasts, irritable, stomach cramps and a lot more discharge than usual. I don't know if I'm just paranoid or just sick. My period is also very irregular so I don't know if my period is comming on or.. But my period would have came because my symptoms don't last for this long. I also read that I shouldn't take a pregnancy test until after my missed period. But like I said, its irregular. Could I be pregnant?


Yes,  you could be pregnant.  You had unprotected sex.

You could wait a little while longer, and see what symptoms develop or vanish.

But a test might be a good thing to do.  Go read the box and buy an EPT home test if you're still concerned.