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My girlfriend has been using Nuvaring since before we met. During sex it sometimes slips out but she puts it back during the 3 hour period. She got her period during the fist week of March. The last day she did not get it was Sunday 6th. I came inside of her twice that night. On Thursday night we had sex and I came inside of her once. The Nuvaring fell out and neither one of us noticed till the next morning. She got her period again on Sunday 13th. She went to her doctor on Tuesday 15th and she gave her a birth control shot changing her birth control to that now. She also gave her Plan B, just in case. We haven't had sex since that Thursday night.

My questions are the following:

1. Did she get her period on Sunday 13th because her birth control got messed up, or is it possible that it was implantation bleeding?

2. Is there a chance she can be pregnant?

3. How effective would Plan B be after that period of time elapsed?

4. How long before the birth control shot starts working?


Well, the doctor obviously wouldn't have given her Plan B if he/she thought that it was useless. Plan B is effective in preventing conception for up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, so it should prevent pregnancy in your case, even though the chances that your girlfriend was pregnant were small in the first place. That is why doctor gave her birth control injection - doctor wouldn't have given her new birth control if there was a chance for pregnancy because that would be dangerous. And birth control injections usually become effective very quickly.