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In janaury of 2010 I was diagnosed with endometrosis via an ectopic pregnancy. In March I started a 6 month injection of depo luperon. This January I started birth control (Lo Ogesteral) and the doctor advised me not to tKe the placebo pills. My last period was around Feb.10th. Yesterday and today I have had dark brown blood in my underwear but very light. However, my period isn't expected for another 11 days. My husband and I have intercourse on a regular basis (almost everyday). I've also been extremely fatigued and noticed at times I'll be so hungry I can feel it in my stomach. Not sure if this is implantation or breakthrough bleeding?


The difference between breakthrough bleeding or spotting and implantation bleeding is that implantation bleeding happens only to some of the women who get pregnant, but more importantly, it happens exactly when your period was supposed to come, it lasts just a few hours and its always bright red blood. Brown spotting that you have experienced means that the blood is older and had time to cloth - it was probably linked to your endometrosis more than anything else. And besides, birth control had stopped your ovulation, so no matter how often you had sex you simply weren't ovulating so there was no chance for pregnancy to happen.



It's not possible to tell what a bleeding was caused by just by examining the timing and nature of the bleeding, but it does give you some hints. 

In  general, what you need to know about an implantation bleeding is that:

  • It happens about a week after ovulation
  • Only about a third of newly pregnant women have an implantation bleeding
  • It consists of very light spotting, usually dark brown or red, not bright red
  • It usually doesn't last longer than two days

Pregnancy symptoms don't tend to show up for at least a week post fertilization, if not later, either. If you took the birth control pill as directed, you are unlikely to be pregnant.