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Okay so I just got in birth control after being off it for a year as I wasn't having sex. I got ortho tricyclen from my Dr nd he said that since my last period was Oct 1 thru the 5th I could either wait & start it on Sunday or start it that day. I chose to start it yesterday (friday). Last night my bf & I had unprotected sex but he pulled out. Today, I took my pill & ab an hour later we had unprotected sex & he finished inside me. I didn't feel it. I had no idea it happened, I was just waiting on him to pull out & he didn't! Said he got "caught up in the act of lovemaking" and forgot. Anyways, my question is am I protected on day two of my pill back? Or could I get pregnant? I'm not sure when my "fertile" days are but I hear its the 12th-14th day of your cycle which is right around now for me.

Also, idk if this means anything but my periods were irregular when I was off bcp. They'd always come 2 to 3 days earlier than the month before (I had af Aug 8, then Sep 6, and then Oct 1) and my next period wouldn't have come until the end of Nov. Now that I'm on the pill that will change but does it affect my "fertile time" so maybe that little window isn't as close as I'd thought? I'd really appreciate some genuine, helpful answers. Thanks so much


Basically the safe, and as far as I'm aware, accurate answer is No.

Plan B seems to be a popular morning-after pill, given posts on this site, and it is effective within 72 hours according to their blur (google plan b morning after pill), but most effective with 24 hours.

I strongly suggest you consider taking it, at least as a precaution: and now, let's look at the facts...

The Pill (misleadingly called Birth Control, more accurately Contraceptive, or Gambling Limitation Pill - it puts the odds in your favour, but no pharmaceutical solution is guaranteed) takes time to build up a level of hormones that constitute an effective level, which is then sustained by maintenance (daily pills). Dosage, effectiveness, etc may have changed, so check your Pill's documentation (which you of course are familiar with) for how many it takes, and how long it takes, to be effective.

Morning after pills in effect blast a much larger dose of hormone in, on the principle that if you miss with a rock, try a grenade.

Read up on the websites - a little effort now is a lot less effort than a baby.

You're right to be concerned, especially as you say your fertile time is now, but the good news is you are still in that 72 hour window, but again, it's not guaranteed - the site claims seven out of eight successful preventions - that's still a lot of pregnancies moving on to termination or term, whichever.