On July 10th, we were messing around and had our clothes off, she was on top, she claims the tip of me never got near her vagina, I had wiped some of my own precum off on the bedsheets (which I would hope would have killed it) but that hand later was rubbing the clit (I don't know if it could swim from there). So I don't know for sure if any precum got in her.

I've also heard that urinating kills any sperm precum could collect, and I definitley urinated a few times between the incident and my last ejaculation.

This all happened the day after her period ended.

The night of the incident she forgot her birth contol which she ussually took from midnight to 1am, and took it at about 7 am after not having slept all night at a sleepover.

She started taking the pill (Reclipsen) on July 5th (the first day of that period).

July 25th at about 1 AM was when she took her last active birth control pill. She woke up that day with cramps she ussually gets before her period, she had them for two days and on July 27th her period started.

Her cramps, bloating, and other period symptoms she ussualy gets continued weren't gone until thursday the 31st. Her bleeding was, according to her, no heavier or lighter than usual. The bleeding was more so for the first three days, then the last two days she barely bled at all, with only a dot on her tampon thursday which is also when her other symptoms went away completely.

This all is normal for her period according to her, and she claims this period was exactly 100% like almost every other period she's had.

However, I know that her cramps the period before this one weren't as bad.

Anyways, now that her period is gone, her breasts still seem larger and she did already get a bigger bra. Her stomach also still seems a bit bigger.

It's now Saturday August 2nd, and last night was the last time I saw her. Which means that as of friday (the day after her period) her breasts seemed a bit larger.

Also, she did have really vivid dreams this period she's never had before and had trouble sleeping.

She claims to feel 100% healthy now that her period is over, except for being a bit tired after having had less sleep the week of her period.

I've read that her birth control (reclipsen) can cause breasts to enlarge though.

So, can I stop worrying so much? She isn't worried at all, and my friends have said I'm a m***n for having worried even before her period.

I've read that intermittent bleeding episodes can occur when a woman gets pregnant on the pill, and that it can often be mistaken for a real period. However, I can't find any description of the intermittent bleeding and don't know how similar it is to a period. How similar is it?