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Science claims living out of air only is impossible, but there are people claiming they live without drinking or eating, some even for 70 years. To find out more about famous breatharians and whether any kind of fasting is healthy, keep reading.

Breatharianism is a belief that life is possible without consuming food and water. People who (claim to) practice this technique or a lifestyle are called breatharians. They believe that the life is attainable by only breathing and gazing into the Sun. They call it existing on cosmic micro-food. This is not a new concept — ability to refrain of food and drinking is a common theme and a desirable trait in Buddhism, together with psychokinesis or clairvoyance. We're not going to judge or try to disapprove anyone's beliefs. We're going to introduce the most famous breatharians, and you should judge for yourself whether it's a legitimate spiritual path, cult, or a scam. Lately, people have been calling this movement "a disguised eating disorder".

People Who Claim To Be Living Without Food

One of the most famous breatharians in the world currently is 80 years old Wiley Brooks. He's the founder of the Breatharian Institute of America, and claims to live without food and water for 30-ish years. He's been giving lectures about his lifestyle, and claims that he's been living in the “5th dimensional world” where there's no pain and suffering, only love, unlike here in 3rd and 4th dimension. He also claims that in the past lives he was Jesus Christ himself, Zeus, Joshua, Eliah, and Shah Jahan — the emperor of India and builder of the Taj Mahal, among many others. Wiley breaks his fasts with a burger and a coke, claiming it helps to add balance.

Another practitioner is 87-year old man named Prahlad Jani. He claims that Goddess Amba has been taking care of him since he — as an 11-year old boy — went to live in Jungle. He dresses like a woman, wears jewelry and flowers in his hair. This man claims he's been living without food and water since 1940. Medical research has been conducted on this man and doctors claim he didn't show any weakness even after many days without food, but some people tried to discredit him by saying he had helpers bringing him food.

Valeria Lukyanova, famous “living Barbie doll” is another practitioner of this lifestyle. This girl had numerous aesthetic corrections to make herself look like a human doll, and she definitely succeeded.

Jasmuheen is a former business manager, turned breatharian. She claims she started with this lifestyle in 1992, and she sold many books and appeared in many films. This woman made a lot of money with her supposed sun gazing. One Australian television invited her to prove the things that she preaches, but after only 48 hours the doctor who was monitoring her health and bodily functions said she was dehydrated and her blood pressure was high. She said it was because of the air-pollution, so they took her to a mountain on the third day. She said she felt great, but she lost a lot of weight, became weak the same day and doctor said her kidneys would fail if she continued with the experiment, so she's been known as a fraud ever since.

These were some profiles of people who claim they've been living only of air and sunlight. Do they sound spiritual and credible, calculated and money-hungry, or plain crazy — judge for yourselves.

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