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I was wondering if it's possible to have normal withdrawl bleeding on the pill during the placebo week if you are pregnant? I have taken a pregnancy test just because I am always paranoid and it came back negative!! I just wanted to see if this is possible?


Hi Im a mom of one already, I have been nauseas, back pain, stomach cramp like symptoms but no period yet, headaches, tooth aches, so tired, want to eat everything, my boobs and nipples hurt like crazy. Last month I had my period like 5 times because of my birth control, so I took myself off it and I haven't gotten it since but have had unprotected sex since then. i took a pregnancy test and it came out negative but can it be too early for it to show? Not sure since I'm not exactly sure when in supposed to get my period. Help?!


My husband and I has been trying for our first baby. My last period was Jan 8th 2016. I go 6 days. We had sex everyday until the end of January. I do have several early pregnancy symptoms and that is food cravings like junk food, and a missed period that i was supposed to start on Feb 10th, and mild cramps off and on. Sometimes headaches as well. I did take a home pregnancy test one morning this week with my early morning pee and it came out negative, I don't know if my periods are trying to get irregular since I had myomectomy surgery back in september which my periods did come every day after i had my surgery than before I had surgery. I had a 4 pound tumor that was blocking several of my organs, uterus, and one of the falliontube.Here are the list of my periods i have had

May 21, 2015
June 20, 2015
July 21, 2015
August 21,2015
September- no period
October 2, 2015
November 3, 2015
December 6, 2015
January 8 2016

The periods i had until september are the ones that were late, just a few of them. I was told on another website that myomectomy can cause chemo, and if i had any treatment. My ob/gyn didn 't saying anything about chemo the day of the surgery and when I went for my followup at the clinic. He just said he is 100% sure I would be a mom.