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HEY WHATS GOING and my girlfriend have been having sex for almost a month now... and recently shes been having really bad cramps on her period so she went to the doctors with her mother, the doctor told her to use the pill to reduce the cramps....she got her period last week on Thursday that was also the first time she used the pill and has been using it ever since......last Wednesday she got off her period and on Friday we had unprotected sex for the first time while still using the she preganant..


Not if she takes her pill everyday.

The pill prevents pregnancy. NOTHING IS 100% I cannot monitor your g/f taking her pill to promise you she is taking it, but if she is, then she has a 99% chnace of not being pregnant.

IF you are so worried about her getting pregnant, YOU CANNOT CONTROL HER, but YOU can wear a condom.