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Hi ... ! I am 32 Years Old Married male working as an Enginneer and a busineesman . Due to the work pressure and stress i was suffering from severe depression several years before.How ever it has been controlled recently , i feel i lost desire for sex . I have been married for 6 months now but wasn't able to make good relationship with my wife with out using a pill . How much i want to have sex, i couldn't make good hard and even if i get hard but not more than 2 , 3 munites as i am not feeling it and has no desire .Once i heared , low testosterone levels due to pressure and stress usually cause to reduce desires and sexual willness i decided to take oral testosterone caps. Does any body has idea about my conditon ? Can any body please help me ?


Hi, try to reduce your stress level from office side, once in a week or twice in a month do some outing or small picnic with friend or family.

- try to do some meditation for few minutes after office at home before going on bed.

- play some slow roamantic music while doing dinner with wife it will help to reduce or divert your mind from other unrelated things .

- Go out for 10 to 15 min walk with your partner and share your day ,by sharing your day will helps you to empty your distrubed mind stuff.

- if you continue this for few days , you will find changes in yourself plus you will notice your sexual desire is increased or will make you more interested for romantic session with partner.