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This is my xray result hope I can understand the meaning.. Thanks in advance

Suspicious capacities are noted in left apical region and right upper lobe

Heart is not enlarge

Franchea is at midline

Visualized hemidiaphramps are intact

Apico lordotic view suggested


Hi Erica,

Just to correct a few things.  It's suspicious opacities, not capacities.  Your trachea is at midline, not franchea.  It's visualized hemidiaphragm too.

OK.  Right now there isn't enough for your doctors to make a diagnosis.  That's why they call it suspicious opacities.  The apicolordotic view is just an x-ray taken from another angle.  It can help better image the tops of the lungs (apex).

You need additional testing, possibly including other tests besides the apicolordotic view.  A sputum anlysis and possibly even a biopsy may be required to truly diagnose your condition.

Follow up with your doctor.  Ask them to explain what they are doing and what the results may mean.  It's your body and your health.  Advocate for yourself.

Good luck.