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We listed several mobile apps that can provide healthcare professionals with basic information about genetics and genomics, as well as screening tools to help identify different genetic disorders.

Genetics and genomics incredible technologies for newborn and prenatal screening, investigating the cause of a rare condition and treating cancer, that will be increasingly used by healthcare professionals in the care of patients and families. 
More and more clinicians are increasingly using genomic technologies to determine the molecular basis of presenting conditions, identify increased risk factors, or guide treatment.
Having an understanding of the basics of genetic and genomic information is therefore essential to providing health care today, however, it can be a daunting task for any physician whose primary field isn't genetics.
There are mobile apps that can provide all healthcare professionals with information about genetics and genomics, serving as a quick reference, encyclopedia of common genetic terms and genetic disorders, screening tools, etc.
Here, we listed some of the most useful genetics and genomic apps in the mobile markets.

Genetics 4 Medics App

Genetics 4 Medics app has been designed to be used as an educational tool by doctors and other healthcare professionals interested in Medical Genetics.
The app includes over 200 genetic conditions with detailed descriptions., including conditions mapped to its chromosomal locus.
The app also includes about 150 clinical clues, as well as Basic genetic concepts explained using simple terminology.
The app users can test their knowledge by answering the questions, which are case scenarios based on common genetic conditions seen in clinical practice.
Genetics 4 Medics app is available on iOS for $4.99. The app is no longer available for Android. However, Android users can find and download the APK of the older version of the app.

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PediaGene: AAP Genetics Guide and Screening Toolkit App

PediaGene app is a resource for a wealth of genetic screening information, available as both screening tools for patient care and a quick reference.
The app is based on the AAP manual Medical Genetics in Pediatric Practice.
By using this app, providers can track patients, including images, record family history and see areas of concern, and see screening questions using SCREEN and FGENES for family history and anomalies.
The app can be used as a quick reference allowing providers to access and view image gallery of genetic anomalies, key tables from the manual, including genetic conditions by race, and key resources for referral and treatment.
The app is available for Android and iOS and is free to AAP Members.

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GeneWall Genome Browser App

GeneWall app is a genome browser for mobile devices. Precisely, for iPhone and iPad, since there's no version for Android.
The app allows users to explore the entire human genome from whole chromosomes and genes down to individual DNA base pairs to single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). 
The users can create and save custom gene lists that can be shared or emailed. 
The app also allows users to import/upload compatible genomic data files (e.g. tracks) in BED format, CpG island, methylation, and other genome-related data files, as well as personal genomic data files previously ordered from 23andMe.
GeneWall Genome Browser app is available for free download.

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Genetic Code App

GeneticCode is a reference tool for medical students and researches providing them with visualization of standard genetic code, as well as information about 20 amino acids and their abbreviations, including chemical structure, three letter and one letter abbreviations, all codons that encode the amino acid (represented in four different ways), polarity, pH, chemical formula of the side chain, reference to Wikipedia, and much more.
Genetic Code app is available for free on iOS platform only.

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Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms App

The Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms is the app that features more than 250 common genetic terms pronounced and explained in an easy-to-understand way by leading scientists and healthcare professionals at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI).
Each term comes with short, written definition, as well as the voice of an expert explaining the term in their own words, typically in less than a minute. 
Together these two explanations help users (usually, non-experts) better understand common genetic terms.
Nearly all terms include more than 100 color illustrations, while many include high-quality 3D animations even for common and simplest terms such as a gene, chromosome, nucleus, mitochondria, and more.  Users can test their knowledge with the ten-question quiz that asks random questions every time.
The Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms app is available for free for iOS platform only.

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BioCyc App

The BioCyc (formerly EcoCyc) is an amazing reference app and indispensable bioinformatics tool that can be used on the go.
The app provides users with access to the BioCyc collection of more than 5,000 pathway/genome databases, including MetaCyc, HumanCyc, YeastCyc, and many more. 
Users can use the BioCyc app in the laboratory, in the classroom, at a conference, or in the library, to browse, search, and save your favorite genes, view gene and protein sequence information, summary diagrams describe regulatory influences on a gene, metabolic pathway diagrams, gene ontology terms, and links to other popular biological databases.

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Face2Gene App

Some genetic syndromes can be identified visually, because of their recognizable facial patterns and features, for example, Trisomy 21, better known as Down syndrome.
Early detection of such syndromes by identifying facial features and recognizable patterns may be a key for their better understanding of various genetic syndromes and for providing a better care and better quality of life to children affected with those syndromes.
FDNA, which stands for Facial Dysmorphology Novel Analysis, is a Boston-based company that developed a technology that uses facial photos to detect any features and patterns that could be associated with genetic syndromes.
They also released Face2Gene app that uses the same technology to allow medical providers to take and upload the photos of their patients and have them analyzed and evaluated for specific facial features outside normal standard deviations and cross-referenced to a database of genetic conditions which these features may be associated to.
The app is available for free on Android and iOS devices.

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Genetics & Birth Defects App

Genetics & Birth Defects app discusses the most important topics in genetic disorders, including birth defects, Down syndrome, cleft lip, color blindness, phenylketonuria, and many more.
The app works as a medical dictionary and terminology and is perfect for medical professionals, medical residents and interns, nurses, medical students, and anyone (expert or non-expert) who wants to learn more about different genetic disorders.
Genetics & Birth Defects app is available for free on iOS only.

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