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are herbal remedies good for a facial hair loss? what would be your recommendation?

Facial hair loss? Anyone with experience about this?         I am 33 years old. About 6 years ago I started losing goatee area facial hair. I never had sideburns which connect to the goatee. I always had a thick mustache, beard and sideburns that grew in well except the...

by User avatar brokenwishbone

Pubic Hair Growth Up Penis

Answered by a doctor

Hi i have a fair amount pubic hair growing up to the head of my penis and not just at the base of it. Is this common and is there any way to remove the hair easily? thankx

by User avatar braha

male losing a lot of hair lately and having receding hair line. any remedies?

Losing a lot of hair lately. Receding hair line While shampooing i notice a lot of hair falling out My head used to be full of volume now very less volume Gray wavy hair increasing Some times when i move my hair in some other direction it kind of hurts my scalp Sometimes i...

by User avatar hamza17

lack of hair on arms, legs and face

I have problem that makes me worried. I am 20 years old male with lack of hair on my arms, legs and face. I do not know why this happened to me, but I would like to be as my friends. Could you tell me more about problem with lack of hair on legs, arms and face? Is there any solution for problem,...

by User avatar Guest

Extreme hair thinning on both sides of may head

I have a very difficult problem. I am losing about 1% of my temple hair to the ears every day it seems. I had very thick harir 6 months ago and now it's so thin you can see scalp through my hair. I have gone to many doctors. i have received the typical cortisone shots from the Dermatologist. I have...

by User avatar JoeBarto


Answered by a doctor

About a year ago I had a very hard white string grow from my arm. I dont want to say it was a hair because it was as hard as tough plastic, i could not bend it between my fingers. When i pulled it with tweezers it came out about an inch long. Just 2 days ago there was one next to the corner of my...

by User avatar Shannyhouse110912

Why does my hair go thinner every day and getting damaged as well?

I don't know why I start losing my hair. My hair get damaged at the edges. Hair line is receding. I am taking too much stress for it and I am very worried about it. Please suggest me some solution of this problem. I am not gonna bald in young age em just 23.

by User avatar Maira Rafiq

For girls: hair thinning

Hi Ive always had very thin hair I'm blonde, nearly white, Ive always attracted a lot of looks, so you saw through my hair but nevermind I felt beautiful and Ive been told so a lot, but for the last year or so my hair is thinning, it's very noticable on top its generally thinning on the whole...

by User avatar Guest

Dexedrine related hair loss?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I am a 34 year old man, and I am going to the psychiatrists 2 years now. This new one I go to diagnosed me with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). This is very disturbing but now I face a new problem. Now when I’m taking Dexedrine, my hair is starting to fall out. Why do you think?

by User avatar Guest

Hair Loss from Collagen supplements

Answered by a doctor

Has anyone suffered hair loss from taking collagen supplements?  I've been using NeoCell Super Collagen + C for about six weeks now,  and my hair is coming out by the handfuls.  My skin's firmness and elasticity is noticeably improved,  but that's not going to do me any...

by User avatar runner99