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Piriformis release surgery, discussion and information

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm new here. Thought a running forum might be a good place to find anyone who has had this surgery. I have just been diagnosed with piriformis syndrome, which started, now four years ago, after a hilly run in a triathlon. It was first diagnosed as a back problem, and after steroid...

by User avatar TLK

severe inner thigh cramps

Answered by a doctor

I have recently been having sever, debilitating, paralyzing cramps so bad and break out in a sweat..feel like Im going to die from it...the only thing that worked for me is to eat baking soda and chase it with water...but have to drink from a straw in the glass as I cant raise my head to even drink...

by User avatar poodlegirl

Sudden weakness in both arms, hot feeling running down both arms, then it qui & Over all weaknes

Answered by a doctor

Sudden weakness in both arms, hot feeling running down both arms, then it quit & Over all weakness

by User avatar pixyhip

sudden weakness in arms

Answered by a doctor

Once a month or so, I get a sudden overwhelming weakness in both my arms. It lasts only about a minute, but its powerful enough to make me need to sit down. After it passes, I'm good to go. Any suggestions of what this could be?

by User avatar frans@jrctransportation.c

Why does my upper left leg feel like it's vibrating?

Why does my upper left leg feel like its vibrateing?

by User avatar Guest

very bad pain in the muscles in the upper body, back, chest and sides

I do not feel bad but all my mussels in my upper body back chest sides have hurt for one week now and is not getting better

by User avatar Guest

Numbness in right arm in sleep, feeling was beyond the usual numbness and pins and needles

I was sleeping on my left side and woke up with the feeling that as I turned over to right, my right arm flopped lifelessly by my side. I was alarmed as the feeling was beyond the usual numbness and pins and needles. I rubbed my right arm with my left hand and it recovered within a minute or two. I...

by User avatar RAGHVINDER

Steroid Myopathy from Prednisone?

Answered by a doctor

I have been taking Prednisone for the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. I was very worried about starting a treatment with corticosteroids because I know they can have strange side effects but my doctor insisted and said it would be fine. I have a friend who was taking the same kind of drug and she...

by User avatar korney25165296

Vibrations in chest

Answered by a doctor

I have the exact same thing it started 2 days ago like a cell phone on vibrate. It was on the left side behind my left breast on and off on Sunday. On Monday it went to the right side almost under the right breast. It is getting more persistant. I had my pace maker checked and it showed nothing. I...

by User avatar Guest

pain in lower right abdominal muscle

I was bench pressing a lot of weight last moday and when i was doing tricep pushdowns i noticed a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen. It hurts when i do sit ups and get outta bed. does not hurt real bad but am kinda worried. I went to a doctor who checked for hernia and said he did not feel one...

by User avatar wicked22tony