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Vibrations in chest

Answered by a doctor

I have the exact same thing it started 2 days ago like a cell phone on vibrate. It was on the left side behind my left breast on and off on Sunday. On Monday it went to the right side almost under the right breast. It is getting more persistant. I had my pace maker checked and it showed nothing. I...

by User avatar Guest

what surgeon would suggest you regarding Piriformis Muscle Release Surgery

Hello out there, Has anyone had Piriformis Release Surgery in the past year or so? If so what surgeon would you suggest and how are you doing? I would greatly appreciate any guidance from fellow sufferers!  Thank you kindly, Chico 

by User avatar Chico

Our house making us sick?? Fatigue,headaches,stomach trouble,nausea..

Answered by a doctor

Please help!! I'm desperate for some answers!! :'( I have been sick for a few years,diagnosed with fibromyalgia, PCOS, and several other conditions related to either immune system disorders or endocrine problems. I probably do have some type of disorder because they do tend to run in my family,but...

by User avatar DawnMarie

severe inner thigh cramps

Answered by a doctor

I have recently been having sever, debilitating, paralyzing cramps so bad and break out in a sweat..feel like Im going to die from it...the only thing that worked for me is to eat baking soda and chase it with water...but have to drink from a straw in the glass as I cant raise my head to even drink...

by User avatar poodlegirl

sudden weakness in arms

Answered by a doctor

Once a month or so, I get a sudden overwhelming weakness in both my arms. It lasts only about a minute, but its powerful enough to make me need to sit down. After it passes, I'm good to go. Any suggestions of what this could be?

by User avatar frans@jrctransportation.c

My muscles ache and feel stiff all the time

Answered by a doctor

I have felt like I have had the flu for a year. My doctor has run multiple blood test on me and nothing has come up. My muscles ache and feel stiff even when I first wake up in the morning, im only 38 years old.

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Piriformis release surgery, discussion and information

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm new here. Thought a running forum might be a good place to find anyone who has had this surgery. I have just been diagnosed with piriformis syndrome, which started, now four years ago, after a hilly run in a triathlon. It was first diagnosed as a back problem, and after steroid...

by User avatar TLK

Morning Abdominal Muscle pain !?

Hello, i am 24 and have been having an abdominal muscle pain only in the morning when i wake up. sometimes waking me up starting at 2am! urinating sometimes relieves the pain slightly, bowel movements dont seem to help or hinder the pain, it feels like i have been flexing my abs all night in my...

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Lou Gehrigs and my husband

I am wondering, my father n law died of lou Gehrigs disease in 2002, I noticed some of the same symptoms in my husband. Is this something that could be passed on through genes? I am very worried. Please respond.

by User avatar wgoat5

leg muscles have burning heaviness and stiffness- that cause

Answered by a doctor

:-( I have trouble standing...because the muscles in both legs have burning pain tightness when I stand for too legs become tight heavy-like dead weight-when I walk, and they stiffen up after it is hard to get out of a chair...the doctors took blood tests and did not find...

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