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Apri Birth Control Pill

Apri is a combination birth control drug that contains Ethinyl Estradiol and Desogestrel. The mechanism of action by which Apri prevents pregnancy is by prevention of ovulation as well as changing the lining of the uterine cavity to make it more difficult for the sperm to reach and attach to the uterus. The vaginal fluid also becomes thicker after the use of this medication which makes it further difficult for the sperm to travel to fertilize the egg.

Although Apri is prescribed primarily to prevent pregnancy, it may also be prescribed in the treatment of acne, reducing the amount of blood lost during periods, to people at a high risk of developing ovarian cysts, and to help make the menstrual cycle more regular.

Side effects of Apri

Like all medications that change the body at a hormonal level, Apri also has some side effects which should be considered the patient before use.

Patients may experience some amount of nausea, vomiting, constipation, bloating, and tenderness in the breasts.  Some people also experience weight gain due to fluid retention which can show up most markedly in the form of swollen feet or ankles.

Patients that are suffering from high blood pressure are usually not prescribed Apri because the medication can cause a spike in the blood pressure readings. Even people that are not suffering from hypertension should have their blood pressure checked regularly when they are on Apri.

Some other, more serious side effects may also be seen with Apri which require a visit to the doctor for examination. Any appearance of lumps in the breast should be examined, Sudden heavy bleeding from the vagina or heavy spotting is also a cause of concern, and some patients may experience mood swings or depression that makes it difficult for them to carry out tasks in their everyday life.

In extremely rare cases, some patients may actually be allergic to Apri. In such instances, the symptoms will usually be sudden and severe and the patient may even be at risk at a loss of life. A difficulty in breathing, swelling up of the throat or tongue, dizziness, loss of consciousness, and the appearance of rashes around the body are all symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Advantages of Apri

Apri is usually a well-tolerated drug that causes manageable side effects. It is often used in patients that have never taken any birth control medication before. Doctors usually try and ensure that they do not prescribe this drug to someone who is suffering from mental disorders with a proclivity towards depression or someone suffering from problems of being overweight.

As a drug, its dual mode of action is very effective in helping prevent pregnancy and is considered one of the most effective birth control drugs on the market.


Apri or any other drug for that matter is prescribed to a patient with the knowledge that certain side effects will occur but that the benefits outweigh these effects easily. If you are uncomfortable or unable to manage the side effects then talk to your doctor instead of stopping the drug abruptly or trying to make adjustments on your own.  

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