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Clue is a professionally looking period tracker and ovulation app that uses science and data to help women discover the unique patterns in their menstrual cycle.


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Clean and easy to use interface
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The app doesn't include multimedia
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Very useful app for tracking not only period but other health stats as well
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There are many period and ovulation tracking apps that women use to watch out for their fertile days so they can get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. Some women use these apps to track their moods and symptoms daily, so they can figure out if their headaches or crankiness is in sync with their cycle.

We have already reviewed Glow app and Fertility Friend app, which are both among the first choices when it comes to the most popular fertility apps. Both of these apps let women track their cycle, basal body temperature, cervical mucus, symptoms, moods, and much more, and try to interpret these data and provide personalized predictions.

A lot of these fertility apps tend to use a lot of pink color in their design, and that's exactly what not all women like. The app we review today isn't pink, which is probably its most popular feature.

Clue is a professionally looking period tracker and ovulation app that uses science and data to help women discover the unique patterns in their menstrual cycle.

Upon starting the app, it would require you to create an account by providing basic information. Next, the app would ask you a couple of questions, which would help it set up a personalized dashboard.  You'd be first asked about how would you like to use Clue app, i.e. to track your health or connect to someone's cycle (more about this later), how long your period and your cycle last, if you experience PMS or use birth control. The app can connect and sync with Apple Health app (if you're on iPhone).

After answering all the questions, the app will take you through the short tour, explaining its main features.

The app is simple to use and it covers the most important aspects of the cycle, including your moods, pain, bleeding, cervical fluids, medications, activity, appointments, and much more. Many of the things that can be tracked with Clue app aren't enabled by default, so you need to do that in the Settings.

Basically, you can turn them all on, or leave only those you find the most important. This makes Clue app somewhat unique because it can work as a tracker for only one activity, such as period, exercise or medication use, or you could make it multi-functional.

You can input the data by simply tapping on the icons of the things you want to track and then choose from four different icons that best describe your mood, bleeding, activity, etc.

Usually, many users would start tracking from today, but the app allows you to manually input data for the previous months as well. Whatever way you choose, the app will calculate your next cycle according to an average estimate, based on statistics and science.

Also, the app would require you to complete one full cycle before it would be able to provide you with detailed analysis or to create a report you can save or share.

For example, if you want to track your mood, you can mark the mood for today (or any other day) as happy, sad, sensitive and PMS. Bleeding can be light, medium, heavy and spotting. Fluid section has four types of cervical fluids, including egg white, creamy, sticky, and atypical.

You'd notice that app creators have a sense of humor, particularly in Sex section where unprotected sex features an icon of a man without a tie, while the man representing protected sex wears one. Also, if you're in withdrawal they've pictured it as if you've "thrown in the towel."

Adding as much information as possible would help Clue app understand you better and provide you with better predictions.

Based on your entries, Clue would display all the necessary info on your Calendar, including the days when you had a period when the next period would start, and particularly important, your fertile days.

Besides calendar view, Clue app also features Current Cycle page that looks clean and easy to understand. It is basically a circle showing the stages of your cycle with different visual identifiers, for example, a red line for a period, blue for fertile days, clouds for PMS, blue sun for estimated ovulation date, and so on. There is another circle in the middle telling you at which point in your cycle you currently are.

The app allows you to set reminders that would send notifications for various things, including birth control pill reminders, period-related notifications (if it's about to begin or if it's late), when your fertile window is coming up, etc.

Clue app explains all its features and methods in Cycle Science section, which contains educational information about your period, fertile window, body, and so on. All content in this section is well referenced.

Clue Connect allows app users to connect to other users or invite friends to compare each other's past, current or predicted periods, fertile windows and PMS. This is completely optional, and even if you decided to connect to other users, they won't be able to see all the things you track and of course, the app would allow you to stop sharing at any time.

I could only recommend Clue app to everyone looking for a reliable period and ovulation tracker. It beautifully designed, easy to use and it provides a ton of features to women who want to track their cycle in a smart and intuitive way.
Benefit: Women who want to track their cycle, and who want to learn more about their bodies would find this app useful


  • Clean design with easy to use interface and fast data entry
  • A lot of things can be tracked with this app
  • The more you use it, the smarter it gets
  • Cycle Science section with well-referenced educational content
  • Reminders and reports
  • Nothing bad to say about this app

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