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Many of us like to travel. However, when a medical emergency occurs, our dream vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare. The thing none of us travel without is a mobile phone. Here we list some medical travel apps to help you stay safe and healthy.

These medical apps for travelers range from those who can help you find local doctor or hospitals, call local emergency numbers, store emergency contacts and drugs, or translate the names of your medications or foods you can eat.
Some of these apps are made by insurance companies for insurance members only, while many of them don't have these limitations. 
Here, we listed some of the most popular health apps for travelers.

TravelSmart App

TravelSmart app is developed by Allianz Global Assistance, a reputable travel insurance company, as an extension of their travel insurance policy.
There are six main features in this app that would help any traveler stay safe and healthy, including Flight Status allowing users to get all information about their flight, Rx and First Aid Terms providing catalogs the regional/country-specific names of prescription medications and dictionary of important safety/medical words and phrases, Claims enabling users to file a claim using the app, Country Information providing the access to the local emergency numbers, International Hospital Search that let users search for and find reliable facilities and Policy Information where users can view the summary of their travel insurance plan.
TravelSmart app is available for free on Android and iOS devices.

Our score: 89%
Links: Android, iOS

CDC The Yellow Book App

CDC Health Information for International Travel, better known as the Yellow Book, is as a reference for healthcare professionals providing care to international travelers, as well as anyone interested in staying healthy abroad. 
The Yellow Book is published every two years and the current 2018 version codifies the U.S. government's most current travel health guidelines, including vaccine recommendations before travel, destination-specific health advice, and easy-to-use maps, tables, and charts.
The Yellow Book is also available as a mobile app, but currently only as 2016 version (the most recent is coming soon). On Android, it requires purchase, while the iPhone version includes a free sample that users can try before purchasing the full app.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

mPassport App

mPassport app is available to HTH Worldwide insurance members. It allows them to find medical providers and emergency services while abroad, translate medications and find local pharmacies, view country, and city health and safety alerts, translate medical phrases and terms.
The app is free to download and use on iOS and Android, but only if you're subscribed or insured with HTH Worldwide.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

CDC Can I Eat This? App

The thing that can ruin your vacation almost instantly is diarrhea or any stomach problem caused by unclean food or water. 
To help prevent travelers' diarrhea and other illnesses CDC developed Can I Eat This? App. The app enables travelers to select the country they're in, as well as what they plan to eat or drink. Based on their answers, Can I Eat This? app provides information on whether their food or drink choices are safe or not. 
The app is free to download and use on Android and iOS.

Our score: 87%
Links: Android, iOS

My Travel Health App

My Travel Health app is based on Mayo Clinic's licensed content to help helps travelers safeguard their health before, during and after travel. 
The app allows users to easily set their destination from over 200 destinations/countries, provides a list of recommended vaccines for each destination, recommends things travelers should carry with them for their trip, reminds users of important travel and health related preparations they need to make before their trip, and allows them to save their travel documents and health related information in the app.
My Travel Health app is only available on iOS at the price of $2.99.

Our score: N/A
Links: iOS

CDC TravWell App

TravWell app is another app from CDC, which helps travelers plan for safe and healthy international travel. 
Users can create a trip to get destination-specific immunization recommendations, a checklist of things they need to prepare for travel, and a customizable healthy travel packing list. 
CDC TravWell app also lets them store their travel documents, keep a record of their medications and immunizations, and set medication and vaccine reminders while they're traveling.
The app is free to download and use, and it's available on iOS and Android.

Our score: 93%
Links: Android, iOS

ICE Standard (In Case of Emergency) App

Getting sick or injured while traveling abroad is something that we all fear. But, medical emergencies may happen even when you're in a foreign country.
This is the reason why all people who travel abroad, whether they're healthy or having a chronic condition, should have their vital medical and contact information available to the first responders and emergency personnel. 
You can place this information in your wallet, or even better, install the ICE or In Case of Emergency app that would put your medical information right on your phone's screen, so the first responder can check it even without unlocking your phone.
There are many of these ICE apps available, but we recommend ICE Standard that is available on Android and iOS for free.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

EMNet findERnow App

Travelers suffering from chronic medical conditions, or those traveling with friends or relatives with health problems can also use EMNet findERnow app that can provide help in case of emergencies.
The app uses phone's GPS to quickly locate closest emergency rooms and show them in a map or list format. However, the app only shows ERs in the US, so it's useful only if you travel within the States. 
EMNet findERnow app is free to download and use, but users can upgrade to the full Pediatric Version for $0.99 and quickly see if ERs are more likely to be prepared to provide emergency care for children, if the hospital has a verified pediatric trauma or pediatric burn center, if the ER has a separate pediatric area, and if the ER has pediatric coordinators.
The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

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Links: Android, iOS

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