I had my surgery 10 days ago. First 2-3 days were a piece of cake. It was hard to believe I even had surgery. I made sure I did a fleet drink before surgery so I would not have a bowel movement for a couple of days. I had my first bowel movement on day 3 and it was terrible (epsom salt bath really helped - the sitz bath gadget the hospital gave me actually hurt). Although I watched my diet, the pain killers (percocet) caused constipation. After that terrible experience, I decided to I was going to eat only fruits and vegetables for a few days. That helped tremendously. I am also taking a stool softener and fiber supplement. Finding that although my stool is soft, I am still straining to have a bowel movement and have anywhere from 5 to 10 bowel movements a day, where normally it was one. They are slowly becoming less painful though. Urination also seems to be weird since the surgery. Am feeling much better now though. Do not feel like I have to lay down all the time and am able to walk around more without too much pain. Am glad others have posted about the swelling. Hoping that is all that I am experiencing. I really thought the roids were coming back. That would suck going through this and them coming back so quickly.