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I had hemorrhoids surgery last April (April 1).

Now (July 08) I can feel that the surgery wound is almost healed and there is no more pain during bowl movement.

But still I have a big swelling near the wound and irritation from that swelling is really annoying. (it's hard to sit down on a chair).

I already did everything I could (sitz bath, analpram HC). But they all didn't work. And my doctor told me there is nothing he can do now. Right now I am more miserable than before surgery.

Is it normal that such swelling still exists even more than three months after surgery?

And how long does it take to shrink or to remove such swelling?




Hi I just had the procedure done today too. I must say what a relief it was when the clots were removed but yeah like everyone else it has swollen a lot and looks like a new roids. But it's not painful. Even I was wondering if maybe I have more clots.....I suppose it's normal. Will call my doctor to ask her tomorrow.