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I know it is very lengthy, but if you read it patiently it will definitely help you in some way or the other.

The problem(before surgery)....why am i writing this you will get to know

I cannot remember exactly but it all started somewhere around December 2013.All of a sudden i started having the following problems.The problem which was troubling me the most is ranked 1st and so on...

1.Itching bottom(specially after BM and after continuous sitting due to the nature of my studies)

2.Stinging Pain during BM( Also little pain if i am sitting for a long period of time)

3.Blood IN stools - this is how i came to know that something was wrong.The amount of blood was so small(as small as tiny spots here and there) i had to use flashlight in my mobile to check it .It was sort of mixed in stools but would not at all mix with water.

4.Prolapsing Hemorrhoid(i thought...but it was something else) - It would occasionaly feel it prolapsing when i wiped and sometimes it would automatically go and sometimes i would have to push it with finger.

Visits to doctors.

1. A general surgeon- He told me i have anal fissure and internal hemorrhoids.He wrote me laxatives, painkillers and an ointment(topical anasthesia) and told me to have sitz bath.He

  It did not seem to help.Sitz bath would give relief for about an hour or two...but again the itching would return which was very annoying since i am a 20 y/o Chartered Accountant student and have to study like 12-15 hours a day.Besides sitz bath consumed a lot of time.I visited him again to say it wasn’t helping.He then suggested surgery

In addition to this during this period(7-8 months) i tried out many home remedies too but I DID NOT WANT TO LIVE WITH IT AND WANTED PERMANENT SOLUTION  and i decided that after my examinations will get over i will undergo surgery as it will permanently solve it.

2.Another general surgeon(after exams were over) – It was 1st july 2014.Another surgeon on recommendation of my family doctor(he thought this one was better).Besides I also wanted to have a second opinion

He checked me and said I Have an ANAL PAPILLA(it wasn’t the roids but the papilla that was prolapsing), internal roids, and fissure.He too gave me meds and said my condition was LESS THAN MODERATE…and I should manage it with meds.YOU DO NOT NEED SURGERY

I tried that for a week,very impatiently as I had about a month of holidays left before I have to absolutely get back to my routine. I KNEW THIS WAS MY ONLY CHANCE.

After trying that for a week I came back and told him my decision to have surgery.Yes, my family was against, kept saying about the complications but I did not listen.After all only I knew how much trouble I had to go through.



WEEK 1. Well!I still remember every bit of it. It was worse than hell.I had got a major problems… worse than problem I actually had. I woke up every morning with yellow stains in my underwear.It was stool.(FECAL INCONTINENCE) I would also have a sudden urgency to have BM.I googled this problem and this was when I came to know about this website and all the complications which could arise after surgery.

The bowel movements were bloody and very painful.The pain would not go even after having sitz bath after the BM. I mixed betadine(a microbicidal anticeptic solution) in my sitz bath to help with the healing and protection against infection.

I also suspected narrowing of stools and difficulty in expelling stools.They would be like stuck in my anal canal and come out after lot of straining.(ANAL STENOSIS).

I was losing all hope as I read that problems like fecal incontinence and anal stenosis cannot be easily cured.

Fortunately by the end of the week the problem of soiling my underwear went away. But I wasn’t sure

FOLLOW UP WITH SURGEON- he checked me and said I was doing well i.e. as expected.When I told him about fecal leakage – “It is the topical anesthesia(gel) mixing with some stool in the rectum which is dripping”.He told me to use the gel only before BM, not after Bm.

When I told him about narrowing of stools and stools stuck– “There is no narrowing.Drink plenty of water. Increase intake of laxatives”. I WASN’T CONVINCED ON THIS as I was already having high fibre diet, plenty of water and was sure that stools that were narrow(as pencil) were easier to expel.But as their diameter increased they got stuck.

He wasn’t happy with my attitude.He thought I was too much anxious ,arguing, and full of negativity as I was not appreciating anything.


It seems that he was right. Leakage had stopped once I stopped applying anesthesia gel after bm.

Pain and bleeding was gradually decreasing and by the end of week there was no bleeding but some pain(tolearable)

But still stool were coming slowly and sometimes they were stuck.But I kept assuring myself…”No, you don’t have anal stenosis.Trust the doctor.It will be alright”

But a new problem had arisen right at the start of week. I noticed that my anus was becoming moist and a drop or two of white stains on my underwear every 5-6 hours, the moisture did smell like stool(although I did not change).This was causing me lot of itching.I put a small piece of cotton between my butt cheeks to help with itching as it trapped the moisture.


He heard all the above problems,checked me and said these exact words “IT CANNOT BE BETTER,95% wounds have healed”

I kept arguing stools are narrow, they get stuck – ”The problem is in your head. Stop thinking from your anus, think from your brain”. He was annoyed with me

I told him about itching and moisture - “It will subside don’t worry”

On my way back home I was in a dilemma.These thoughts had gripped my mind :-

1.Maybe he screwed up something and now hiding it by saying problem is in my head.

2.I should trust the doctor , it is a routine surgery and he is very experienced.And if something was wrong why would he hide.


Negligible pain.

Moisture and white stains totally subsided. But not the itching(I STILL HAVE THE ITCHING), although it has reduced.

Stools were no longer being stuck. PHEW!!. . ANAL STENOSIS

But wait a minute I started seeing blood again.SAME OLD STORY.Tiny spots of blood mixed in stools.I became very worried.For once I even thought that source of blood was intestine or something.That wasn’t true.


It was more or less the same as week 3.During this week I attended a 5 day training also (7 hours of sitting).

FOLLOW UP with doctor-

I did not want to go to the same doctor.I knew what his answer would be.So to be doubly sure I went to a new surgeon.

I told problems. Blood, Itching, Little pain. He said I was totally normal.Some wounds have not healed that is the cause of blood.He prescribed me another antiseptic gel ‘Silverkind nanofine gel’. Said “ENJOY LIFE,NOTHING IS WRONG”

I WAS VERY HAPPY.I became doubly sure I am fine.


As I had hoped, blood did stop by the end of week 5. YAY!!

But itching was like a stubborn child.Not going away.

Bowel Movements had become very smooth.

WEEK 6(present week)

Itching…Itching…Itching…Why is it not going?

Trust me from week 1 I was waiting to post my story.I thought I would post when I will be totally alright.But I don’t know when this itching will go so I couldn’t wait any longer.But there is a belief that I will be totally alright soon.

The purpose of my story was not only to share how I battled in the recovery period but to tell you guys what all problems you might face and to motivate you.


Don’t ever lose hope due to the post operation problems and  don’t regret the decision of having the surgery. NOBODY DESERVES TO LIVE IN PAIN!

Anyway I wish you a speedy recovery. I am sure my story in some way or the other it will help you.


Hi. I was just wondering how you're doing now since it has been over a year now? You're story gave me much hope as mine is very similar to yours. I'm on day 11 now and I feel much better, but still gripped with fears of anal stenosis and other possible complications that could arise. If you could give me any more information on how you're feeling these days it would be much appreciated! Thanks so much for sharing your story!