I had a hemorrhoidectomy on 2 external hemorrhoids (extended from inside anus) at 35w 1d pregnant exactly. I originally went to the doctor for a consultation for after birth but he ended up recommending an immediate procedure as he was not comfortable with me delivering with such bad ones. They had originally been thrombosed back in February and after the clots were excised they just became worse up until this point. So I had a full ectomy on both.


So... I am now on day 3 of recovery. I am as sore as they come with some swelling still but nothing unmanageable and nothing even half as bad as the thrombosed hems that made me contemplate self operation. I have had two bowel movements and although uncomfortable neither has been difficult. I have been drinking lots of prune juice and taking stool softeners.


pain meds... I took exactly one pill of norco after surgery and even cut Tylenol out on the second day. Just a back story... I have suffered with huge anal problems since childhood, hems and the like, so i could have a high pain tolerance but I don't think so.


so questions...

how long did it take your swelling to go down?

anyone else have this done whilst pregnant?

Any tips for what to dab with after urination? I am so sore down there and due to the baby have to urinate 10 times a night... I wish I was joking...


also if you're reading this after reading horror stories on this site then I hope it gives you some hope that a hemorrhoidectomy can be worth it. I can already see the ligh at the end of the tunnel and am only 3 days out.