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Bit of a horror story here unfortunately.

I've suffered from Hemorrhoids for years, never had them permanently but they have popped up every year or so. Unfortunately they seem to be very aggravated and have thrombosed three times now, it's only ever one or two of them but they get very painful. The worst one was massive and thrombosed and amazingly doctors didn't even suggest any kind of treatment/surgery and it lasted a very agonising 6 weeks or so. The next time one became thrombosed (possibly the same one) I had it excised literally 2 days later, it was stitched up and I had next to no pain a few days later.

I had a more formal hemorrhoidectomy just over a week ago, for yet another hemorrhoid that suddenly appeared from nowhere and was almost instantly thrombosed. This time it wasn't very painful, it was actually more of an internal one that thrombosed, which is quite rare. It was cut out in an open hemorrhoidectomy and although the first 3-4 days were uncomfortable, I feel loads better only a week later. The open wound left is healing well and has minimal pain, only a bit of stinging after a BM.

Unfortunately, from the day of the surgery (couldn't resist having a look) there was a lot of dark blue/purple swelling around my backside. Initially I just assumed it was normal but it wasn't until a few days later, when it was very hard and extremely painful, that I realised that this kind of pain was exactly like the excruciating thrombosed hemorrhoid I had about 4-5 years ago. It looked exactly the same too. it was adjacent to the open wound where the thrombosed hemorrhoid was completely cut out, so it wasn't like the same area became thrombosed again. My surgeon agreed and it seems I was the lucky one for this to happen to as it had 'never happened before'.

I have read many other postings here about swellings after this procedure being suspiciously similar to hemorrhoids. My surgeon did not think it was a hemorrhoid, but did agree there was a blood clot there in the exact same way a thrombosed hemorrhoid would be. For those first few days I wanted to go back in to the OR and have this removed immediately.

Therefore, I have another hemorrhoidectomy tomorrow. He did mention to me there were a few other hemorrhoids which were tiny, I wasn't aware of this so naturally was quite alarmed. I've asked him to basically destroy the hell out of these too, I can't face any of these being in there lying in wait.

I am a little concerned that I jumped the gun here-whilst the swelling looks and feels the same, the hard lump does seem a little smaller (well at least what looks like two blood clots are more pronounced rather than the entire area being inflamed) and the really bad pain has largely gone. I wonder if he 'hadn't seen it before' as it's uncommon to have a follow up literally 4 days after the procedure, he probably sees people weeks later.

Then again I've seen on many posts about these swellings that they haven't gone down, which causes concern. I've not found much evidence to clearly suggest if these swellings others have experienced just 'look' like hemorrhoids. Mine definitely looks like it, but was excruciating to touch-whilst the actual wound from the procedure wasn't at all. It isn't excruciating anymore though. Just the pain from wiping around it left me a bit weak for 30 minutes earlier in the week.

Either way I'm going back in tomorrow so not looking forward to recovering all over again. I'm concerned as it's a bit vague about recovery time as it cannot be decided until the time of surgery exactly how to deal with whatever small hemorrhoids are there. I'm sure it's probably not recommended to do anything unless they're flared up, but I'm sure most sufferers can empathise with what I've asked them to do whilst they're down there and I'm under anaesthetic! 

The main concern is that I (and my surgeon) have incorrectly labelled these blood clots/swelling as something unfortunate and rare, rather than what is actually commonplace. I know I'll start worrying if I come out of surgery and see the same painful hard dark blue/purple lumps again...


Hemorrhoidectomy can be a hurtful treatment, meaning that the medical doctor will placed an individual within anesthesia (general as well as spinal) to make certain you won't need to experience any kind of soreness.

The particular medical expert primary makes tiny incisions in the community which is all around the actual pile. Then he scarves over inflamed our blood charter yacht, for you to stop the actual the circulation of blood, and eliminates the actual hemroid. The particular surgery can be carried out using a scalpel, some sort of staple, energy as well as laser beam.