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Hi, I am just looking for opinions on PPH (stapled hemorrhoidectomy) vs Hemorrhoidectomy. I am 32yr old female who has suffered from hemorrhoids for the past 6 years. I recently saw a general surgeon who told me I will need surgery and has referred me to a colorectal surgeon. The general surgeon recommended PPH but after reading some studies online I am wondering whether it is better to just get a basic hemorrhoidectomy. Has anyone had complications with PPH? E.g complications or had your hemorrhoids come back? Any opinions appreciated. Thanks



I had the PPH done about 6 years ago and I am 34 now.  My hemorrhoids are back and just the same as before.  I had no complications after the PPH surgery and no pain.  I recovered quickly and was back to normal in about 2 weeks.  But as I said my hemorrhoids are back and now I am going to go see a doctor about next steps.  Now if I could go back in time I would probably have just gone with the hemorrhoidectomy but again I am not sure what the pain associated with the hemorrhoidectomy is like and quite honestly I am not sure about it being a permanent fix either.  I would love for someone to answer that for me.  But if a doctor told me I could keep having the PPH procedure done over and over again I would just go that route.  Because there was no pain after surgery and I would have no problem getting that done again.   But I am sure that would cause complications over time having the same surgery performed. One last thing I do workout frequentely and I used to do very hevy lifting which I know is a killer for hemorrhoids.  So I am positive that didn't help with causing the hemorrhoids to flare up again.  I hope this helps I can answer more questions if you have them.