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Hi all,

I'm brand new to these forums and am looking for help, both mentally and physically for my upcoming hemorrhoidectomy. Here's my story: I'm 27, in decent shape and have 1 external hemorrhoid (plus internal, number/size unknown). I started having issues with itching a few years ago because I was on the typical college diet of nothing but junk food, but didn't think anything of it. Last November (15 months ago) I had a huge lump come out and become thrombosed, which scared me to death. I was too embarrassed to go to the Dr. about it, and it eventually got so bad it ruptured during a bowel movement.  It hurt, but wasn't anything major. The issues (itching/burning/discharge and smell) got worse and this passed September, I got a huge external hemorrhoid out of nowhere. It was about the size of a small walnut and quickly became thrombosed as well. I went to the Dr. and was told I could either wait it out, or have it excised. I waited about a week and a half to have the clot removed and boy, was that the wrong decision. This time I was in a good amount of pain and given no instructions. Two days after that, I had a bowel movement things swelled up much worse than before. I started bleeding and was given Percocet/ice packs in the ER for pain. I went home and slept the night off, then stayed in bed for 3 days and stuck to a strict light diet until things went away (about 2 1/2 weeks). During all of this, I was directed to the local surgeon who told me the only way to deal with this is to have surgery. In my head, I thought we were doing some simple laser outpatient thing but quickly figured out its much more intensive. So... I'm here looking for help.

I can't find anything of the actual type of procedure, but the Dr. told me they basically stretch the tissue out then clamp mini electrified pliers on that burns it off. He said this will cauterize the wound, but I don't know if that's any less painful than the traditional scalpel.

The surgeon told me he is very cautious with this and will only remove what he feels is necessary so I don't have anal narrowing and unnecessary pain. The external will only flare up to the size of a piece of garlic now (with little to no pain) when I am not careful about diet/fluid intake, and the itching is less than it used to be but will still make me crazy occasionally. I'm ready to be done with this, but I'm seeing so many cases where people describe the experience as "invented by Satan", "demonic pain", and something they would never wish on anybody else. Can anybody explain what the pain is like, and any tips to get through it? I've seen that the first bowel movement is about as much pain as getting shot, and am not looking forward to that. I'm trying to decide if I should at least attempt this without the Percocet so I don't get constipated, or if drinking enough prune juice and milk of magnesia will offset it some. I'm terrified of what's coming quickly and have already backed out of the surgery once. I'm scheduled for 2 weeks from today and looking for help. Are there ANY other options for this? Thanks in advance to anybody willing to give me some piece of mind. 




First, make sure you change your diet BEFORE surgery so you're used to it.  That means more fiber and drink a lot of water.  Talk to your doctor about what you should take after surgery to help you have a BM.  You don't want diarrhea, but you don't want it to be hard.  Ask him/her how long you should go without having a BM before you take something -- and what you should take.  I wish I would have, just for the peace of mind.

Some people use ice packs and some use heating pads.  I liked an ice pack after a painful BM.  I jumped into the tub after every BM and sprayed my butt good with the shower nozzle.  Somethingn in the poop can give you a burning feeling, plus it's more gentle than rubbing with toilet paper.  And I took a nice 10 minute sitz bath after that to let everything soak and get clean.

I used a feminine pad for the bleeding and leakage of other stuff.  When that was much less, but still happening enough to stain my panties without a pad, I developed diaper rash.  Then I bought 4" gauze pads.  There were several layers and I reduced it by half, then folded that in half so it was 2" x 4".  I would wedge that up my crack and it would absorb the ooze but not keep my cheeks damp so the rash would go away.

It hurt a lot for me.  It doesn't for everyone.  And even though I'm still dealing with complications (I'm one of the few to develop stenosis), I'm glad I had it done.  The pain and the bleeding I had were controlling my life too much.  Hopefully I'll get the stenosis resolved before the summer camping season.

I had 2 large internal hemorrhoids and 1 external removed on 12/5/2012.  I switched to a colon/rectal surgeon to deal with the stenosis (my original doctor was a general surgeon).  He recommends Miralax to his patients and I'm using that now and it is a nice, mild laxitive.

Good luck!



Thanks for your reply tb1. I'm scared out of my mind about the surgery and am actually not even sure my condition is bad enough to warrant going through it, so I'm looking for help from people like yourself. I've already completely changed my lifestyle and eating habbits to include lots of fiber and LOTS of water. I try to get a minimum of 100 ounces a day.


Can you describe what the pain is like at all? I've had thrombosed hemorrhoids, one of which got lanced (after a week and a half) and that was certainly not fun. How much worse is it than something like that? I've picked up some up dulcolax for the days before and after surgery in hopes my system will be semi-functioning. I DO NOT want to deal with the constipation and pain that will come from it. My surgeon told me he can't even see the external that flares up occasionally, so he would consider leaving that area alone and only take out the internal, but I don't know what to ask for. I'm hoping the cauterization as opposed to cut and stitching will help things be slightly less painful...


How long did it take for you to heal up and feel human again? I'm sorry for your troubles and certainly hope you can get the stenosis worked out as painlessly as possible. Keep me updated on your situation




The pain I had from the hemorrhoids wasn't horrible. It hurt to sit and I didn't want anything touching me down there, so it did affect my sex life. It was also too painful to ride my bike, which I really missed. The main thing that made me finally decide to have the surgery was the bleeding. I never knew when it was going to happen. After having a hysterectomy 14 years ago (at age 41), I was back to buying pads but needing to wear them every day and at night "just in case".

After surgery, I took as little of the pain pills as possible to avoid constipation. I stopped them completely after 5 days. The worst pain was during and after a BM. It's important to not get constipated, but it's also important to not have diarrhea. I've heard that can increase your chance of getting stenosis as a firm BM will help prevent the scar tissue from building. I had problems from the beginning, though, so I'm not sure what could have helped me. After a week, I was starting to feel much better and even went out to eat once, though sitting was still a problem. After 2 weeks, I was back to my normal routine (except for my BMs). I was still a bit sore, but not enough that I felt the need to take anything, even Tylenol.

Remember that most of the people on these forums are the ones that had problems. My mother had the surgery when she was in her 70s and was fine a day after. My sister had more problems. Her first one was with the rubber bands and she got infected, so then she had to have the full surgery. She said that was easier than the banding! She was okay a week later.

My only problem is from the stenosis. I've had one anal dilation under sedation. Next week I get a colonoscopy and another dilation. My doctor thinks I'll likely need a third. If that doesn't help, I'll have to have surgery to cut through the scar tissue but we're hoping to avoid that since I could just end up with more scar tissue.

If you decide to get the surgery, make sure you get good information from your surgeon about how firm your BM should be and how often you should have one. I've switched to a colon/rectal surgeon to deal with my stenosis and wish I would have gotten the information he gives his hemorrhoid surgery patients. He gives a lot more detailed instructions than I got. He also recommended Miralax, which seems to be good at keeping the BM soft, without causing diarrhea or cramping. Talk to your doctor about the post-op visits. I thought it was great that I didn't have to suffer the pain of an anal exam, but now realize that would have uncovered my problem sooner and maybe it wouldn't have gotten so bad.

I'm thrilled to be free of the pain and bleeding from my hemorrhoids. Whether it was worth it or not depends on if my stenosis can be resolved without causing additional problems.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi Scott, i took percoset for two days and stopped it, it made me a zombie, and constipated. Look make sure you have a sitz bath to put your butt in as soon as the poop is out, you might have to go in the sitz bath the fiorst few times, its painful feels like someones sticking forks up your anus, seriously thats how i describe the pain for me anyway. I had a bunch of internal hemmaroids removed and a lot of stitches, so it felt like my butt was sewn shut with the swelling as well. You must insist on anxiety medication because you get very anxious before a bm in anticipation of pain. The bath is an absolute must, and as hot as you can stand the water, You will spend a lot of time in hot water for easing throbbing after bm. Its like a HEART beat in your butt after bm, and can last for hours. medicine is essential . I took tyleniol extra strength every 4 hours, with motrin every 8 HOURS AND OCCASIONALLY TOOK THE PERCOSET. I have probably scared you to death, but one day can be very good, and some days painful. i was good to go after 2 weeks, went back to work, still swollen but off the painkillers altogether. I pushed myself and kept heatpads on my butt all the time. if you want to have regular bm's and are super anxious before the first bm. They do not recommend this, but i did it anyway, i drank two tablespoons of mineral oil every three days ,its gross, but the poop just slid out, much easier in the first week. after experienceing the first bm, i would have done anything. best thing i have ever done after putting up with the agony of hemmaroids for two years. Good luck!