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Hi there,

I'm happy to go into more detail at a later stage but from past experience responses can be slow or non existent so didn't want to do an autobiographical tale of my procedure just yet!

I had this procedure last Friday, for one large-ish internal hemorrhoid very close to the anal entrance and I believe some others. I had 11 sutures apparently.

One thing I'm findng very difficult to get an answer to is when the hemorrhoids are meant to shrink and disappear. I've read accounts of people who've had the surgery and miraculously 'don't have hemorrhoids anymore' about 5 minutes after the operation. Doesn't it take days or weeks for them to shrink and disappear? How can they suddenly just go if they're not sliced out? I'm confused as to when I should expect to feel results-i.e. is it about now, 5 days later, or should I expect more final results (i.e. to see if this has worked or not) in a few weeks?

Also, another question is like with rubber banding (which I've never had), am I meant to see the hemorrhoid tissue literally drop off at some stage?

Finally, I'm frustrated by this odd tender area outside my anus. I was originally concerned as after a traditional hemorrhoidectomy last year, I developed a thrombosed hemorrhoid right after surgery, to be duly taken in for another op a week later. Now this doesn't look like one, but the skin looks purplish and just hurts if I press against it. It has bled very slightly when wiping. I have very little pain with a bowel movement otherwise, just an urgency to go and pressure.

It's quite unique to me so probably not even worth going into, but after the second procedure last year I was left with this veiny looking lump just outside the anus, which was soft and harmless. I'm not sure if the surgeon has tried tying this up therefore producing the tender area (as it's beyond the denate line) or if there are sutures somewhere pulling things up and inside for the main internal hemorrhoid the surgery was meant to get rid of. I just thought all sutures are inside the anal canal?

I guess I'll see in the follow up in 3-4 weeks how things have gone, but I literally seem to be cursed and dread the surgeon telling me there's still some hemorrhoids there. It happens every time I've had surgery, despite never ever being constipated, leading an active lifestyle and literally knowing every rule about avoiding hemorrhoids. I'm worried there's some kind of thrombosed hemorrhoid under the skin due to the surgery, as I'm not meant to be in pain. Surely he wouldn't have just seen that slightly bulging vein just outside the anus, thought oh what the heck and just sutured that too?


Hi Sturgeon,

I know it's a while ago now but I am 7 days post op and struggling to find the answer to 'how long should it take for the hems to shrink'? Would be great if you could let me know what you experienced around this question, or anyone else with this knowledge.


11 days after a THD / HALO the outside of my anus is still extremely sore. Cleaning up after toileting must be done very gingerly, but any method makes the area more sore.
All of the surgical procedure was internal, so I don't understand why the outside is so sore.
Is this normal?
If so, for how long might one expect the area to be so sore?
If not, what could it mean and what should I do about it?


How long were you uncomfortable for after your halo? I'm 3 weeks after and it's still bothering me and a bit uncomfortable. Bit worried.