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I had external (perhaps that's why my recovery has been bearable) hems removed seven days ago today. I didn't read the horrendous recovery stories before surgery but I do wish I had, I had no idea of the pain I'd go through. I probably wouldn't have gone through with the surgery if I did know. I am yet to decide whether I'm glad I've had it done or not, not all of the job has been done and I've been left with new swelling and a skin tag. My surgeon, like many others' said I'd experience 'a little pain for two or three days, and then possibly feel uncomfortable for a further two weeks.' This is my experience:

Day 1: I was in AGONY. Hospitalised overnight, cried in pain and disappointment. I still had bulges and the doctors hadn't told me they had inserted a large gauze, which was blood soaked by this point and still inserted into my anus. I could only feel this, and admittedly panicked and thought it was a huge swelling. I was given codeine, paracetamol, ibuprofen, none worked. I was eventually given liquid morphine which managed to send me to sleep for a good seven hours.
Day 2: Still taking morphine, I felt fantastic in comparison to what I felt the day before. It wasn't until I walked that I started feeling a little pain. Upon arrival at home I managed my first BM which had me in tears (despite taking stool softeners that day), I was bleeding and felt as if I had ripped my wounds. A long hot bath helped a little and I tried to nap it off. (still taking paracetamol every 4/5 hours, with ibuprofen, antibiotics and more stool softeners.)
Days 3-5: All very similar. In pain when I walked and sat, could only relax lying in bed on my back with my knees bent to take off the pressure. I dreaded every BM and ate very little with stool softener twice daily. This time however I ensured my bath was ready BEFORE I went to the toilet, ready for me to jump in (a tip I read on here.) During these days I'd read these posts of agony and unbearable pain for weeks on end. I did feel doubtful that I'd ever stop hurting so much, but indulged in reading pages upon pages of people feeling as terrible as I did. 
Day 6: I hadn't had a BM for 24 hours, I only felt tender, rather than in great pain, so I decided to leave the house for some retail therapy. The car journey was only mildly uncomfortable and I only felt a few strong twinges of pain in the shops. After an hour or so of slowly walking round I had to leave as the pain was returning, but I felt so much better for leaving my bed. I could have easily moped in there feeling uncomfortable and reading hemorrhoidectomy nightmares for another week. 
Day 7: This day entailed a pretty solid, large BM which caused agony. I thought I'd returned back to my days of wailing in bed and almost cancelled my plans. After a good two hours of soaking and relaxing I managed to dress, leave the house, walk a small distance (yes, slowly) and sit on GRASS. Positioned correctly this was fine. I saw a film too, which again was bearable if I positioned myself to one side.
Day 8 (today): Yesterday's solid diet of foods lacking in fiber are taking their toll. Already had three hard BMs, with three baths afterwards. Each very painful yes, but the pain subsided after five minutes of soaking in hot water. Now however I am able to sit on a dining room chair and start working, something I haven't faced for a week. I can walk fairly well and I'm very hopeful that I'll perhaps be eating normally within another week and be able to go about my daily routine. Even face a six hour car journey next Monday. I don't know how I'll cope without my bath soaking back at university but I'm starting to believe the doctor's 'two week' suggestion. 

My best piece of advice is to leave your beds/sofas. I was in pain, but a walk and some distraction helped me and toughened me up more than a sitz bath ever could (almost.)


Take your sitz bath with you, at least you can fill it quickly and it will help soothe after BM.  You should be good around 3 weeks though, you seem to be healing up well, and quickly.  I did too!  Although theres no pain like it for the first week or two, its the worst.  good luck to you, you seem to be positive.


Sorry to hear about your agony. I had a THD done 5 days ago for bad hemorrhoids. I am scanning the blogs for patients afflicted with hemorrhoidal disease. I have been doing surgery for 20 years and have always hated doing hemorrhoidectomies on anybody. I was convinced I would never go through with one on myself. I waited until THD was approved and being done nationally. I am in no pain. I am having quite a bit of intense urge to defecate prior to actually going. There is swelling up inside my anal canal. Once a BM occurs I feel great. I am hoping to return to work in 5 more days. Keep the faith my friend. You will heal in time. You will be happy you invested this time to get over your disease. It is a horrible affliction that many people suffer with and are afraid to have treated. For anybody reading this who has hemorrhoidal disease, you must check out THD. Keep up the fiber and stool softeners until passage of stool isn't so uncomfortable. It may take a few weeks after an actual excisional hemorrhoidectomy.