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I have big problems with hemorrhoids for a long time. I decided to do surgical hemorrhoidectomy. My doctor suggests me the stapler hemorrhoidectomy, new procedure and on his opinion a better solution. What can you tell me about stapler hemorrhoidectomy?


The conventional surgical hemorrhoidectomy is a safe and reliable procedure, but it is often associated with significant postoperative pain. The stapler hemorrhoidectomy is a new procedure for removing large hemorrhoids. It is less painful and allows you to return to work and other normal activities much earlier than with the conventional procedure. This technique uses a stapling device and advantage is the fact that pain-sensing nerve fibers are absent higher in the anal canal, where the wound will be placed.



I am scheduled for the staple surgery in a few weeks. Did you go ahead with it? What can you tell me about what to expect?


hello i just got teh surgery on Aug 7. i'm still haveing some problems but i went back to work in 7 days after surgery but i'm very sore. there is a lot of pain and it's hard to have a BM after. and i week later still hard to have a BM. but doing good!!!!!!


I've had the staple surgery in early June. There was a strong urge to go to the toilet for about 1 day after the surgery. No much pain occurred, just some discomfort that lasted for about 10 days for me (which seemed to be slightly more than others). BM was also not as bad as I expected, and bleeding during BM ceased after 2 days.

However, I don't know what went wrong, but the staples did not quite stop blood rushing to my hems. Also, I got a really bad constipation after about 3 weeks which lasted for a few weeks. I thought my anus had become narrower but the doctor said no. I then drank a lot of water every day (about 12 glasses) and my doctor gave me another stool softener. That solved the problem. But the damage had already been done.

So, I still had hems after PPH but they didn't bleed. They still caused me problems and affected my life, so I had the traditional hemorrhoidectomy last week. This is definitely the most painful surgery ever!

Good luck to your surgery. I heard that most people benefited a lot from this new technique. My only advice is that you should make sure that your stools are soft BEFORE the surgery and change your diet if necessary. Experimenting the right diet after the surgery can bring disaster.


I had a stapling for hemorrhoids almost 2 years ago.
Turned out to be a big mistake for me! I would take those hems. back now, if I could avoid what I will now have to do.

The stapling was done incorrectly, it left muscle damage and a line of staples in the wrong place. This left me with serious fecal incontinence.

I am healthy - a runner and hugely into no meds. Immodium wasn't an option for me, but neither was a colostomy. One dr. suggested that for me! I ran out of his office.

Have to go to surgery for the incontinence soon...very soon.... with a qualified colorectal surgeon. I feel this will be an improvement in that area, though I know the vaginal area will suffer and I will want a subsequent procedure to tuck things back.

If I could go back...I'd say NO to the stapler and have those vveins tied!
I know the pain would be the same. It all hurts....but you lose a lot of good things when you mess with those sphincter muscles!

Good luck to all of you!


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The staples are left permanently in the body ?