American researchers showed in a study of hundreds of women, average age 57, that just 10 to 30 minutes of exercise daily can improve the quality of life emotionally, socially, mentally, and general health.

Over 430 women were assigned to four groups - three groups did various amounts of exercise while the fourth group remained sedentary.
Six months after the study started, women from the exercise groups felt improvements in general health, vitality, mental health and social functioning. Those who did the most exercises also had fewer limitations in work due to physical problems and fewer limitations due to emotional problems.

While the women who exercised the most experienced the biggest improvements, all the women from the exercise groups felt some benefits from their activities. Exercising gave them energy and made them feel better.

The study sends an important health message to all the menopausal women out there. “ If you cannot exercise an hour or more daily, getting out there and exercising 10 to 30 minutes is beneficial, too”. Even walking helps. Walk to work if possible, walk with your dog, walk with your friends or neighbors. A little physical activity will do you tons of good.
Weight loss has been seen in some women but the important thing is that improvement in life quality hasn’t been found dependent on this or lack of weight loss.

All women should start exercising for small amounts of time, and then gradually work up to 150 minutes a week. Exercising does not only improve women's quality of life but it also improves balance and builds stronger bones.