New research reported that exercise can help reducing bone loss that can be caused by radiation or hormone therapy which are used in treatment of localized prostate cancer. Researchers say that these treatments decrease risk of bone fractures and that exercise can improve quality of life in patients diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Patients with prostate cancer are not advised to exercise but walking which has no harmful side effects can actually be the thing that they can use to improve their health and reduce possible side effects of cancer treatment.

Radiation therapy plays a role in killing cancer cells and it is followed by hormone therapy which decreases testosterone and estrogen that feed the cancer cells and thereby keep the tumor from growing. During the hormone therapy men lose about 10% of bone density compared with healthy men who lose maximum 5% per year in their middle ages.

Study has shown that men who walked 30 minutes five times a week during their hormone therapy were able to maintain or even improve their bone density while men who didn’t exercise lost about 2% of their bone density in 8 weeks.