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i always tought exercising at home was so much better than going to the gym. I don't need to get ready, buy special outfit, mp3 player, pay the membership or get "looks" from other people. I could do everything in privacy of my own home .

Last year i was exercising regularly at home and was really motivated. I even created my own program. I followed it for about 7 months and due to health issues i had to stop.

Now , after everything i want to exercise again. But ,  I just can't make myself start again. What am I doing wrong? Should i maybe consider going to the gym now because that will better motivate me? Or should i do something else? Maybe i should start watching videos?


I hear you. I was in the same situation. 

I think sudden lack of motivation comes out of you reaching your goal. That is the danger of setting up low goals ( or not changing them when you get near them)

Paying gym membership might just do the trick to motivate you to get back to shape. However, if you are already rather working out at home than at a gym maybe you should start working out at home again. Try buying some workout equipment  like clothes, exercise mat, or push up rings, or even gloves (those are cool ). 

Tracking your progress is an important motivation keeper. Fire up an spreadsheet and write some data and mark your progress. Maybe you can even create some work out at home program which you can share with others later. Try installing some app for working out. I used this app to help me with my abs. It has videos of exercises for each group of the abs. So i started doing it and soon I noticed changes. Check it out, i highly recommend it. It also has a day by day nutrition plan to boost the lost of your fat. You can find it here.

Just make yourself work out for 2 weeks and once you see how much better you feel you will start doing it again in no time. 

Good luck with your workout



Walked by it without stopping..  Because People having healthy minds live a richer and more fulfilling life. So, whether you are 16 or 60 it’s a good time to think about yourself and your mind. Health and Happiness may be the foundation for a good life. -But in today's life realities are something different and being happy seems a dream. In today's fast life we argue more, cry more and stress more. We are shorter tempered these days as we don't have much time for ourselves. Reducing stress not only keeps our body healthy but also improves mental health.

1. Identify your settled emotions and accept them for what they are.

2. Start doing Regular Meditation and some physical exercise.

3. Have fun in life.

4. Eat Healthy.

5. Get plenty of Mental exercise.

6. Challenge your brain.

7. Consider a Multi-Vitamins daily supplement to support our healthy immune system