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i figured i wouldn't have to ask this, the internet being so full of infinite information and all, but on every website i've been to i haven't found a proper answer. most of the time the men or women try to scare the person, or are misinformed in general, so can't give a proper answer.

so here's my question, to any experienced, honest people.

i am 22 years old. i am an adult. and i've made a mistake.

my boyfriend of 3.5 years and i were intoxicated one night. we were intending on sleeping, but as it tends to commonly go, we ended up fooling around, and ultimately having intercourse. we are both clean of stds, due to the fact that we've been tested together twice, just to make sure, and in a monogomous relationship.

i had been with him for the entire week at a friend's beach house, and he, from what i had witnessed, had not ejaculated even once the entire week, and this was the first night he and i had sex. we did not have a condom to begin with. we both urinated beforehand, and since we had been drinking, many times beforehand.

we fooled around a bit, and i could not seem to make him orgasm, most likely because of the alcohol, and the fact that he's always taken a very long time to ejaculate.

in my drunkenness, though i felt sober from the excitement, my mind was obviously still effected, and i allowed him to penetrate, and thrust for maybe 30 seconds at the most before i realized that my friend had a stash of condoms in the other room. i had wanted to see how it would feel, and this was the first time we had not used a condom. (even while more intoxicated than we had been that night) i clothed myself and snuck to the next room, stole two just in case, and my boyfriend and i continued our shenanigans.

still, he did not come, and i had just gotten tired after a while, so we gave up, i washed up a bit and we once again used the restroom, and went to sleep.

my question is, is there any possibility that i could be pregnant from his pre-ejaculate ?

i haven't been overly worried, but i haven't been sleeping or eating well lately, and i'm adjusting to a new work schedule. i should get my period within the next 5 days, and i can be irregular.from what i have read, the only way precome could contain semen at all is if it is leftover from a previous ejaculation, and it's only 16% of a pregnancy possibility even then. (that is only what i have read, i am in no way claiming that) i'm also aware that women have been pregnant this way, after all, nothing is impossible. i had no way of getting the plan b pill, and it's too late for that now.

i will be taking a pregnancy test in a week if my period does not come.

if you are just going to say "OMG ITS SO POSSIBLE I GOT PREGO LIKE THAT USE CONDOMS OMG OMG" or try to tell me pre-ejaculate is more potent, than don't even answer. i just made a mistake and i'm asking for a little help.

and if you can provide me with it will be much appreciated
thank you.


You won't get that response from me hon, honestly i wouldn't worry about it if i were you. You did everything right before hand like going to the bathroom and such. I would say that you are not pregnant.

Drunk sex is fun tho, i think. But on the other hand the road rash isn't when our man is just "to numb to cum"

Don't fret it. You will probably get your period as planned. ;-)


as a follow up, i did indeed get it.
this post was simply out of random, momentary paranoia.
maybe i should chart my period haha, might help with situations like this (:

thank you much for not being a loony (: