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My last period was August 13, and my cycle is usually 28-30 days. Me and my fiancé had unprotected sex August 25th, Sept. 1st, and Sept. 8th.

Might be TMI...sorry.)

On August 25th, when we had sex, we had done it for maybe 20 minutes or so, and then he put on a condom. He ejaculated in the condom, and then half an hour later we were about to have sex again when he rubbed his penis over my vagina and over my opening repeatedly, but did not penetrate me. He had not urinated after his previous ejaculation.

On September 1st, we had unprotected sex again for maybe 15 minutes, and he had previously ejaculated and urinated. On September 8th, we had unprotected sex for about 45 minutes, and he had previously ejaculated and urinated.

He never came close to ejaculating in me during any of these times. Is pregnancy a possibility at all? I wouldn't have thought so...but my period was due yesterday (Monday) and I haven't started. I am getting cramps like I am about to start any minute, but my boobs and nipples have been extremely sore, I've been sleeping most of the day and can hardly stay awake, I've been dizzy and nauseous, and I've been peeing a lot.

I should be okay since he urinated between ejaculations, right? There is no way I could get pregnant from any of these times...or could I? I plan on getting a pregnancy test at the end of the week if I haven't started my period. I'm confused about feeling like this since I keep hearing you can't get pregnant from pre-cum unless a guy didn't urinate between ejaculations.

I am getting on the birth control pill soon, so I won't have to worry about this anymore. Also, STD and such are not a problem. We lost our virginity to each other and we are still frequently tested.


Precum can get you pregnant bit not that easily ! Hey guys, my period was 1week late like most of you and it's been late only two times before this one but never reached a week (3-5 days late) I lost my virginity in January of 2k13. (To a boy who is still my boyfriend, of 5 months) I guess that's what threw them off cause I never had problems until after it . They were pretty regular .( I was only 15, am now 16) recently, they've been 30-35 day cycles. My last period was supposed to be on march 15/16 but was late and came on the 21(ill tell you how I brought it on) me and jake always used protection, and pull out method except for the last two times in April . We had unprotected sex, BUT he'd never come inside we did pull out for that. Then before that he did come inside but with a condom on before we ran out of them. April 7th was the day we did unprotected but pull out and that scared me when we did it . But anyway, when it was time for my period nothing came (4.18.13) which was kind of good cause I had plans that day, but that still scared me. So I started taking vitamin c, 500mg every hour (pure ascorbic acid without bioflavonoids like rose hips which fight against abortion) or 1000mg every two hours. Then I added dong quai . 2 530 mg pills every 4 hours, waking up to take my doses of it AND my vitamic c( 4 pills of 500 mg of ascorbic acid after 4 hours as that is my missed dose) then I went out and bought fresh parsley ( with the springs, they come in bundles and are pretty cheap. Mine was .99 ) and I made a tea out of some of it. ( chopping parsley leaves into a tbsp for every cup then adding the springs I didn't cut but first I brought the water [ 4 cups usually ] to a boil then added my chopped parsley to the water . ( 4 tablespoons of chopped parsley leaves) then I made a pessary ( look this up [parsley pessary] because if I put what you do here it'd be tmi ! Lol ) use 1-3 springs of parsley changing them every 12 hours . ( rinse off with water first) then when my tea was ready after letting the parsley and water brew for 20-30 minutes ( TAKE PAN OF WATER OFF HEAT BEFORE ADDING PARSLEY,DO NOT BOIL AGAN when parsley is in water; just let it sit away from the oven ) I added sugar, and or honey. Then after those I took salt baths . Sit in HOT water, as hot as you can tolerate and add two-3 hand fulls of salt to the bath. Soak in for an hour. I did this twice. Don't discontinue dong quai and vitamin c through our the whole time until period shows up. I'm having the worst cramps though just a warning, from the dong quai. I did not take a pregnancy test so I do not know if I was pregnant before I started but if I was I would've been 2-4weeks along. This will prob not work past then if you are pregnant but the research I did shoes parsley , dong quai , and vitamin c brings on herbal abortion or miscarriage. I advice most of you to take a test first, two weeks after you have unprotected sex ( If you aren't on any form of bc like I am) as this is the time when you can tell if your preg or not . If you can, try to get a clinical abortion if you want to terminate the pregnancy, if you have no way of doing that; this is your second best choice for abortion.(also is for bringing on just late periods, like mine) or you can go through with pregnancy and keep the baby or give it up for adoption . I think this is pretty safe, but some people say it can cause birth defects so... Good luck every one !(: