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Please do not answer if you are going to be judgemental, i made a mistake and now am asking for advice.

On friday my boyfriend and I were highly intoxicated, and had dry sex, although i guess you wouldnt call it dry sex because our cloths were off. Im pretty sure he didnt ejaculate but im not sure like i said we were intoxicated. He didnt have a condom on and didnt go inside me, but i know sperm can swim (if there were any). I have been on the Depo provera birth control shot for about 2 years now. I know the shot is not 100% gaurenteed as is any birth control. I was just wondering of what the chances are of me becoming pregnant?


You're most likely not pregnant, as long as nothings wrong with you're birth control, and even then the chances are low. If you want get a pregnancy test but I'm sure you're fine.