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My girlfriend and I had sex last monday and her period was due on Wednesday. It was both our first times and I used a condom. We had sex twice that day with the same condom, but the first time we did it I didnt ejaculate, but the second time I did while outside of her. For the first few days she didnt get her period she was stressing about it bad, but now she's a little more calm. Could she be pregnant? If not then why is she 5 days late?


Hi - thankyou for asking me to answer this! Just one point before giving you an answer, PLEASE don't EVER use a condom twice! That is EXTREMELY unhygenic, not to mention, you could have had little tears in it etc. Carry several with you from now on - and good for you for pulling out to ejaculate! The reason why I said good for you is that I can say with 98% certainty that she is NOT pregnant. There is no 100% - because IF there is an egg, and IF there is sperm, you CAN get pregnant. 1st thing is IF she is regular - with her cycle - she would not have been ovulating at that time! 2nd. You didn't have ANY unprotected sex - RIGHT?!!! - so that cuts down the chances MAJORLY! 3rd. you did it right - by pulling out before ejaculation. regarding her late period, I have answered this question probably 30 times - I haven't seen it in medical books etc. BUT it seems that when you loose your virginity, there is a hormonal change - thus the body delaying the period (as your hormones go crazy while having sex) it seems to be quite the norm - BUT the problem with it, it adds stress as in "OMG could I be pregnant" so this creates what is calls an "Hysterical Pregnancy" where you talk yourself into believing you are pregnant. Hopefully she has started her period today, Let me know OK?