Hi eyeveryone, Im new here and this first time posting. I had acdf surgery in 2010 c5-c7. After recovery I did pretty well for 18 months then- bam--- I started have chronic pain for last 7 months. My pain in at base of neck on right side and shoulder pain. I had x-rays and mri. Surgeon said 100% shows fused. I recently had MRI although I have small herniations at each level the only problem on new MRI show.

There is a residual focal indentation of the midline spinal cord (27/44).There is a mild bilateral recess and neural formina narrowing.  Mild indentation of spinal cord and c5-c6. The surgeon stated no further surgery and not sure why a Im in pain. He said it may be something I need to live with this surgery was to prevent me from going paralyzed. I understand that however--- why was I doing so good and now in daily pain??  Could this indentation be causing this pain???? Thanks in advance and insight would be greatly appreciated. I feel very frustrated with daily pain.