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Help!!!!!!! The Pain Is Killing Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

May someone give me advice. Here is my MRI and Nerve conducting study results. Do I need Pain managment? Please help....

Findings: Reversal of the normal cervical lordosis centered at the c4-5 level. Mild irregularity of the end plates of c4-c5 and c-6 seen likely degenerative in etiology.
c2-3: unremarkable on the sagitlal images.
c3-c4 posterior disc bulge with tiny central disc herniation and facet disease causing mild ritht foraminal narrowing.
c4-c5: Posterior disc bulge with a central disc herniation and facet disease causing mild spinal stenosis at this level. Foramina appear patent.
c5-c6: Posterior disc bulge with a central disc herniation mildly indentinting the ventral cord. Mild spinal canal narrowing. Foramina appear patent.
c6-c7: Posterior disc bulge with a central dissc herniation indenting the ventral cord and facet disease causing moderate spinal stenosis at this level. Foramina appear patent.
c7-T1 facet disease causing mild left andmoderate frght foraminal stenosis. This is likely secondary to an osteophyte.

Multilevel spondylosis superimposed upon reversal of normal cervical lordosis causing moderate spinal stenosis at the c6-c7 level as well as mild spinal stenosis at the c5-6 and c4-c5 levels. Foraminal stenosis as described above. There is facet disease causing probable moderate right facet disease at the c7-T1 level.

My Nerve conducting study read:
Borderline slow sensory nerve conduction veiocity noted in the first, second and third finger-wrist and palm-wrist segments of both median nerves.

Boredrline prolonged terminal latency noted in the left median nerve.

Normal sensory and motor NCV's with normal amplitudes noted in the other segments of tested nerves of both upper extremities. Tested nerves include both median, right ulnar and the right radial sensory.

The above findings are compatible with minimal bilateral carpel tunnel syndrome. The electrical findings are minor, and essentially confined to the sensory segments only. The remainder of the nerve conduction data is normal.

Diognosis: Evaluate for neuropathy/entrapment syndrome


hi jackie,
I read your reports. If you believe me you are having NOTHING AT ALL.
The findings may be alarming to you but they are commonly seen in normal people too.

The cervical discs are present in many normal people. If you are around 36-40 years of age it does happen.
If you are a female, start oral calcium supplementation. That would take care of the facet disease.

Also for Carpal tunnel in hands, are you having pins and needles in your hands frequently ?
IF yes then get evaluated for it. OR else even that is pretty normal.

So just dont worry. Take conservative line of treatment for your neck pain.

If you want to read more about neck pain read my article here.

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Your MRI basically shows that you have several bulging discs and that your neck is not curved properly. The vertebrae (bones) in your spine are separated by soft tissue (discs) that provide support and cushioning. A bulging disc is not centered properly between the vertebrae it is pushing out slightly which can cause pain. The bones in a normal neck are curved. Age or injury can cause this curvature to straighten. When this happens stress is placed on the spine and can lead to the bulging discs I mentioned as well as dehydrated discs (not enough fluids in the cushioning between your bones). You should listen to your body. If you are in pain get treatment asap do not wait. If you are injured and do not get help for your injuries quickly you could be stuck with a permanent condition. I suspect that you have had this problem for quite a while but either way there is no sense in suffering. You should start by seeing a orthopedic doctor for evaluation. Get well soon!


Hello, Thank you for your responses. I am 42 years of age, and I was in a car accident March 7th of 2009, someone hit me head on while parked. when he hit me, he moved my truck 11 feet (parked mind you). I had a MRI and it only showed a bulge disc on c6-7. In January, I was feeling much pain and had another MRI, and that is what you read in my prior post. It seems like it is getting worse, and I dont understand why. I see a doctor on a regular basis. My doctor has many many many patients and I think his load is too large. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and he said the vision of the MRI is poor and he is not going to base his opnion on a poorly done MRI, so he recommened that I do Aqua theoropy and another MRI of the cervical and Lumbar. I am still waiting on my doctor to refer me, two months later. When I go see him he only gives me medication...... I have an appt. Tomorrow, and I am going to ask to be referred to pain managment and nuerologist for neuropathy.

I have applied for ssi and was denied once because at the time I applied I only filed when I had a bulge disc on c6-7 and carpel tunnel. I have an attorney now and I hope it all goes well.....


Dear Sir,

You probably have brachial plexitis. The brachial plexus is a group of large nerves that go through the shoulder to the arm and hand, upper chest and upper back on one side.

Many people have various abnormalities of the cervical and lumbar spine, but they do not cause problems, but they lead neurosurgeons to do "alot of spinal surgery" because that is what they do!!

Raise your arms high so they touch the ears. Hold them there. Do you have numbness/tingling into the hands? Have someone press down on your shoulders as you sit on a firm chair. Press progressively hard. Do you get numbness or tingling into the hands...burning into the arms? Do you feel like the hands are swelling. Have a person press into the armpit angled towards the neck. Do you have neurological feelings into the arms and hands?

If the above tests are positive you have brachial plexitis. It is an autoimmune disease triggered by a certain infection. There is a treatement.

Let me know how you do.

Yours, Norsk10



I know what you have Jackie, drop me a line. I am a ret. doc and I had many patients like you.

Yours, Norsk10


I always thought it was my right as a human being, 2 be able to get relief for my intactable pain, depending on which state you live in, you may be able to get relief. I feel for you but it makes me feel better that I am not alone, in my pain