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chronic neck and shoulder pain , coughing is very painful and sends electric shock up my neck .recently had mri with an without contrast.

prior anterior cervical fusionof c5-c7

kyphotic curvature at the c4-c5 level appears to be on a degenerative basis.

c2-3 normal.

c3-4 : minamal broadbased disc bulge. no spinal canal or neuroforminal stenosis.

c4-5 :prominent broadbased disc bulge resulting in ventral flattening of the cord consistant with a mild spinal canal stenosis. bilateral neuroforamen patent.

c5-6 :fused segment

c6-7: fused segment . there is a syrinx in the cord at the level of c6-c7 measuring 0.9cm in length and 0.3 cm in diameter. no abnormal contrast enhancement.
c7-t1 normal.


this is definitely not a normal finding which you should take very seriously... since you have had surgery already, these fusion surgeries tend to create problems above and below the segments that were fused. The reason is that your neck needs to make up for the lost movement in the fused segments so it makes the areas above and below move more than they should making them more prone to injury. There are conservative options for you out there however it is more likely that another surgery would be in your future, because it is much more difficult to deal with this type of problem conservatively after a prior fusion surgery. Definitely make sure you follow up with your doctor to discuss your options because remember these type of conditions don't generally get grow better over time... most often they grow worse


seen doctor nov 19 has already sent me for blood work ,i see him again dec 13 find out date of surgery. do u think i will ever do roofing again?