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I had an MRI earlier this week due to severe pain in my head, neck right shoulder, arm, should blade with prickling like when your arm is asleep, pain in my lower back on the right side only, right hip and leg pain. The MRI report sayd Broad-based disc protrusion contributing to mild narrowinf of the bilateral neural formina worse on the right than the left at C5-C6. What treatmenat do I need to relieve this constant worsening pain? 




You have a form of stenosis which is putting pressure on nerves from the spinal column which is creating pain on both sides of your body probably due to herniated discs in the cervical region and possibly in the lower back region.  Just because you think you have pain in a particular region doesn't mean that is where the pain is emanating from.  They can see that you have a physical problem at C5-C6 but I don't know about the lower spine region.  There are several things you can do to relieve some of this pain.  Number 1 rest.  Try cold and hot compresses on your neck and spinal area to relieve inflammation from pinched nerves.  You can try various exercises to relieve the pain.  Your doctor can help you with that or you can do a search on the Internet for pain relieve for herniated discs.  You can take aspirin, or Advil or Motrin.  Motrin is particularly good for relieving this kind of pain. Make sure you have proper head and neck support from you pillow and that your mattress supports your body well.