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I am 32 years old and have recently started taking adderall. I am taking it to begin my college courses again. My problem is that I work 12 hour rotating shift work and seem to be crashing within about 5 hours after taking it. Since I am on rotating day/night shift my dose schedule is not always the same. Does anyone think this could be the problem. I will be going to school on mornings right after I finish working and do not know if I should take 2 halves, 2 whole or maybe switch to the extended release? Does anyone have these same circumstances or have any advice? I would like to get some other opinions before my next dr visit..


I recently started Adderall using the extended release I still have a crash after about 5-6 hrs. I found that drinking fruit juice helped A LOT with the crashing. I work and go to school on various shifts so my day can start at 3AM or at 11AM it could end at 8PM it could end at 4AM. I found it more important to take it when I usually eat breakfast which tends to be midday and drink juice constantly through the day to aviod a crash or even when I'm crashing I just drink a few glasses of juice to help bring me back. Adderall can suppress your urge to eat even if your really hungry so it may be that the crashing is due to a nutritional imbalance as well. Best of Luck.