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Didn't know where else to post, thought I would try here. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for years now, and have been prescribed pretty much everything in the book. Recently, my friend started taking Adderall for her ADHD, and gave me a few... I have never felt better in my life!!! I was so focussed and driven. It was almost like the wake up call I've been waiting for, for such a long time.

I want to talk to my psychiatrist at my appointment about the possibility of trying Adderall, but I am unsure of how to talk to him about it without making it look like I'm a drug grub, or talking about how I had taken them illegally. This is something I really want to try out... it seemed to help so much. Any suggestions on how I should bring this up to him?

Thanks much!!


Hi there,

I too have depression, I am prescribed to zoloft and adderall simultaneously. I had a similar situation to you, although I always thought that I had a hint of ADHD (always had trouble in school, work, etc.). When I tried it, it did the same things for me that it did for you.

I went to my doctor and told him that I tried it from a friend (they really can't do anything when you tell them you tried it, everything is confidential between you and them unless you confess murder or the want to hurt yourself). When I told the docter, I told him how it made me focused and how I got so much done when on it. They either take your word for it or give you a simple ADD test.

If you're not comfortable telling your doctor you tried it, you could just tell him that you have problems with paying attention, and heard that the drug could be helpful to you. Either way you're not being exactly 'truthful' so it doesn't really matter ;-)

I had no problems getting it from the doctor that prescribes me my depression medication. I have been taking both medications simultaneously for about a year now, and I am 100% happier now then I was without it. It also boosted my performance in my college courses and at work.

On a small negative note--
you do have to be careful with adderall. for some people it will deprive you of sleep (especially if you have no symptoms of ADD), and when it wares off you'll go back to feeling like regular old you. You would most likely be started off on a low dose of it anyways, but you could always go up in dosage from there. Better to be safe then sorry!

good luck!


Thank you! I went to the doctor then yesterday. I was open and honest, and told him everything. He said that he feels it could be a good option, and we'll try it. It prescribed me 30 10mgs for now. Says to take them once daily, and if I feel midday that I am out of whack or lacking in concentration, take one more. He told me to be careful (as I have a history of eating disorders) and to not take more than 20 mgs a day (and NOT 20mg daily at that) until he sees me again in two weeks!

I don't think I have EVER been that excited walking out of a psych's office. My Adderall script felt like the biggest Christmas present in the world!

He wants me to continue with my normal daily regimine of Lexapro and Xanax (wow... adderall and xanax...two HIGHLY controlled drugs. two HIGHLY controlled drugs. aren't i the c**p? Wink ).. but it sorta scares me. has me on 20mg of lexapro daily as well.

Any insight?!



thats great! thats funny you say how happy you were when you left the office, I felt the same way with my script from the psych. office the first time i got it.

im perscribed to three 10mg pills a day, I usually take two in the morning and then one when I feel it wearing off in the afternoon, and it works well for me. so since he recommended only taking 20mg a day, id say trying one in the morning and one in the afternoon would be perfect for you.

Hope your new medicine is a help! :-)


armywifeana said: "I don't think I have EVER been that excited walking out of a psych's office. My Adderall script felt like the biggest Christmas present in the world!"

Cute! I hope you're feeling better soon! It's wonderful that you could be honest with your psych and still walk out with what you needed! I consider that to be a sign of a good doc. Most would scream ADDICT and carve it into your chart to brand you forever. Sounds like he really wants to help you and actually listens and is not scared to try some options. Awesome! That's the way it should be!