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Hi im on 30 mg xr adderall once a day, and i told my doctor about my worsening anxiety (social) and my symptoms of ocd. He said its up to me if i want to try an anti depressant, he suggested prozac but said there was others like lexapro and some other one. Anyways he said its up to me and take my time because he knows about my anxiety towards new medications aswell. I have read people say that prozac sucks with adderall cause it can cause a random build up of adderall and then a sudden release making a possible overdose, also i read of serotonin deprevation or whatever its called that u lose way to much serotonin. Anywaysibwpuld really like to try something like this, so what do you think the best anti depressant is with adderall? Preferably something that can be taken whatever days i want (like adderall) and doesnt interact with with it if thats even possible. I drink on weekends so if it could be taken a day i drink? Anyways thanks for any help.


I take the 30XR and prosac and also same with OCD and high anziety and feel the Prosac takes the edge off of the adderall.  When I took adderall with out the prosac the anxiety was way worse and coming down off adderall was hard.  I sometimes don't take adderall and the prosac helps with the side effects of not taking it.  Good Luck hope this helps.