I have been married for one year now.My husband and I were though having sex but were doing it safely so that i didnt get pregnant.He used to pull out before ejaculating every time we had sex .I am normal healthy woman of 24 years of age and had very normal periods ,no problem at all and a good regular cycle of 28days.This December we decided to conceive so I started taking Ibridfolic ,a medicine for folic acid .I took like one pill for 6 days in the month of October before my periods...I had my periods on 27 Oct 2007 but they were very dark in color and unlike my normal periods.probably because of folic acid excess so i had stopped takin it.Then surprisingly I had my periods rite after 17 days of my last i.e. on 14th November 2007.Starting from 5th December we started trying for baby aand had sex and now on 25th December im havin light periods ,sore breasts and swollen belly ..I had taken preganancy test on 22nd December but it was negative.Please tell me could i be pregnant or having implantation bleeding or having ovulation disorder.Im very worried.Pls help.Thanks and Regards.