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Hi, i have been with my partner for 4years now after around a year i decided i would like a baby, it was quiet soon but i just felt he was the one for me, i discussed this with him and he agreed that he wanted one too.
After 3 years of trying we still have got no were at the begining my periods wernt that regular so i was never sure if 'i could be' but the past year they are very regular always on time and my partner has no problems with ejaculating, we are stuck at this point were we dont want to go to our doctors for help as you always get the same answer 'live your life first' but we realy want this now to the point this is the only topic we talk about.
I have been taking folic acid but no help, i have only ever thought once that i could be but unfortunatly not, what could we possibly do and if we had to got 2 the doctors what could i say ie what type of test would i need doing or something like that.
i realy need some advise or possible things to do

Thank you


Hi i have been trying for 2 1/2 years and I am 22 with a 3 1/2 year old and seeing a fertility specialist. If you go to a fertility specialist thy will do a number of tests from blood draws to internal ultrasound and tel you to take prenatals. Thay will not chastise you for your age. After all you are paying them and you are not seeing them as a miner. But if you are only 18 i did have my child at 18 and it is hard. Rite me if you wont and good luck.